P*N’s iPhone/iPod Touch App Now Available

That’s right iPhone/iPod touch users you have heard about it and now it’s here in all of it’s glory.  The Platform Nation app is available right now as we speak over at the iTunes app Store.  Make sure to download this free app and leave a rating letting everyone know how awesome this app is.  Also don’t forget to pass along this exciting news to all your friends and gamers in your life, they deserve it.

As you can see with this app you will be able access Platform Nation’s News and Podcast with a touch of the finger with this easy to navigate app for your iPhone/iPod Touch, browsing your favorite website has never been so easy!  Just in time for the Holiday Season, so pass the word along that the P*N app is now available. Also available in the Android App Store.

For those of you interested in bringing your own site to the Apple iTunes Store, our app was built off of the Appanda software.

Appanda is a new technology that will allow small businesses to build custom iPhone or Android applications (apps). Appanda can currently put your news, blogs, videos, contact information, podcasts and images in front of any of the 300 million people who use iPhones, iPod Touches, or Android phones. Appanda help videos and FAQ will guide you through the process of developing your own custom app. Appanda. It’s as simple as black and white.

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