Some Other Podcast, Episode 39: Merry Effing X-Mas

During this most wonderful time of the year, we bring to you this podcast.  It’s a gift!  For you!  ….you don’t have one already, do you?  I didn’t keep the receipt….  Anyway, pull up a nice warm blankie and a glass of eggnog while we talk to you about more delayed games, the possibility of another money-grab from Sony, and Persona!  Persona, Persona, Persona….

Persona 4

PixelJunk Shooter



Persona 4 team to reunite in 2010 to work on “an even bigger title”

Split Second dated for May 2010

FFXIII launch day sales in Japan exceed 1 million

Brutal Legend “Hammer of Infinite Fate” DLC on XBL and PSN

PSN premium subscription possibly coming; possible features include cloud storage and cross-game chat

Trials HD DLC 12/23 for 400 MS points

LBP accessory bundle references PSP 4000; ad company claims it’s a mistake

Crackdown 2 coming “first half of 2010″

Blizzard to return to console development “at some point”

MS files patent for user health-generated avatars

Capcom delays several titles to April 2010 or later

Assassin’s Creed 2 DLC originally slated to be in the game, but was cut

1 vs. 100 available to Live Silver from 12/24 9AM PST to 12/28 9AM PST in many areas

Music games getting specific music stores on XBL

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