P*N Staff’s Games of the Year

2009 has been a hefty, crammed and exciting year for video-games. All the staff here at Platform Nation wish you a Happy and Merry Holiday, and a joyful gaming new year. In this article, I will collect all of our staff’s personal games of the year and show you that 2009 was more than just a year of ‘gaming’. It was also a year of innovation, critical acclaim and more top games than you can shake a rattle at.

Lets begin shall we.

Assassins Creed 2

It’s a mere coincidence that this title received two votes from our staff.

Jennifer Kye (Jinkwell) had this to say

First of all, if we’re going to compare the game to its predecessor, it went above and beyond the first title. From improved missions to gameplay mechanics, the game stuck with the core parts that made ACI a huge success, but added variables that made ACII even better. In this day and age when multiplayer seems to be the norm, Ubisoft stuck with a completely fleshed out single player experience. This was the first game where I was so thoroughly engrossed that I invested more than 30 hours worth of gameplay!

The characters were engaging, the puzzles were challenging and the story progressed smoothly. I was truly sad to see the game come to an end. This sentiment was not shared amongst the other titles I’ve played; once I completed the game, I felt content, but not sad to see it go.

Mark Withers also shared his reasons.

I’ll have to throw my weight behind Assassins Creed 2 (mostly as I haven’t given Dragon Age enough time yet but I can just tell that its a high quality game). AC2 for me just took what was a flawed first game and improved just about every aspect of it. The story has enough conspiracy to keep anyone intrigued all the way along and the freedom to take your time with sidequests or just race through the game was well balanced to. Graphics were spectacular in places or at least the vistas, even if the draw distance suffered if you looked closely.
When its all said and done, I’ve enjoyed AC2 each time I sit down to play it and it’ll be one of the few games thathave kept me interested enough to complete during 2009.

Uncharted 2

This emerged as a top favorite of many of the staff here at Platform Nation. Our own Steve, the head honcho, had this to say.

Uncharted 2. It was just the complete package, nothing else even came close. Top notch story, graphics, effects and add in a very fun multiplayer and you have a steal for only 60 dollars.

Jordan Silverthorne had some things to say about MW2 too.

I know a lot of people feel that Modern Warfare 2 was the best thing since sliced bread… but I disagree. For me, Uncharted 2 was the undisputed King of 2009. The story was good (better than the first, at least), the visuals were AMAZING, and the co-op and multiplayer components were both challenging and fun. I view MW2 multiplayer as a chore; I have to prepare myself to deal with sniveling racists and 10 year-olds who act like they’re the dog’s bollocks because they’re playing a Mature-rated game.With Uncharted, the online multiplayer tends to be a fairly positive experience.

Nathan Hardisty (me me me!) had this to say too.

As a fiction writer myself, I found Uncharted 2 to be one of the most breathtaking experiences ever. Half-way through, and I was wondering if this was actually a video-game, but it turns out that it is a work of art. You don’t usually see a flair of humanity in most video-game characters, I can only name a few which show human traits. What Naughty Dog has managed to do is take everything that was good about the first game, and totally spice it up until it becomes pure art. Whoever wrote the story to this masterpiece, well done I say, well done!

Modern Warfare 2

The Call of Duty powerhouse has still remained a favorite of the staff here at Platform Nation, garnering two votes.

Jake Green had this to say.

This is my joint game of the year purely because of its lasting appeal.
Yes the story may be short but its good enough for a few play throughs
Spec Ops is great and online is well.. the best out there with or without friends
I pay £30-£40 for a game and this is what I expect.

Sarah Brannan also had this to share.

Uncharted 2 was really good. I would have to call MW2 the game of the year though. I didn’t play it (I SUCK at COD), but I watched almost the entire thing. Great graphics, great story line, fantastic game all the way through.

Shadow Complex

A surprise choice from the only voter here, Mike Murphy.

He had this to say.

Four play-throughs. In a row. Really, that’s all I have to say. No other game I played this year kept me coming back as often as Shadow Complex. It breathed new life into one of my favorite genres, and looked amazing doing it. Can’t wait for part two.

Demon’s Souls

Another sleeper hit that garnered just one vote, even I think it deserves more.

Bobby Gonzalez shares his view.

My GOTY is Demon’s Souls. It is a great game that totally took me by surprise. I love it because it refuses to give in to its vision. How many games out there get harder when you die? But somehow they made it so that I don’t get mad at the game, I get mad a myself for making mistakes. I should have known that dragon was going to destroy me. The game doesn’t put up any warnings. If you wander into a place you shouldn’t be, then you are going to be punished quickly.

The game also has the most interesting multiplayer I have played. The messages you can leave on the ground for other players have helped me a lot. The blood stains have saved me from quite a few deaths. Going into another persons world is fun and rewards you for helping a stranger. Barging into another world to kill someone is fun (but so mean) and the threat that it could happen to you is a great way to make every moment tense.

I think that From Software deserves kudos for not only making the game they wanted to make, but also making it fun!

Dragon Age Origins

This thing got two votes, one even from the head editor himself. Scott diMonda shares his reasons.

Dragon Age: Origins as this game proved to be well wroth the $60 price tag it provides a ton of quests an excellent storyline and one of the most impressive RPG’s to hit the shelves. The game does get a little quirky and freezes sometimes, but they have given you the option to save when you want (except while in battle). This game has provided me with hours of exciting gameplay thus far and I have yet to scratch the surface of the game. It does not have a multiplayer aspect, and it really doesn’t need it to be a great game and a must buy for all RPG fans.

Patrick Talbert had more than a few words to say.

Dragon Age Origins, while having no multiplayer mode whatsoever, does everything right from a single-player perspective and gives you six (count’em, SIX) points of view from which to play the story. To be honest, I feel that people will be putting more time into this than they did Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and I knew people that invested HUNDREDS of hours into that title and STILL haven’t finished the main storyline. BioWare has created yet another gem that has set the bar for fantasy (and other) RPG’s in the coming years. With Mass Effect 2 coming in January 2010, BioWare has the markey cornered on deep, well-told storylines that will keep our hunger sated long into 2010.

And there you have it. All of the P*N staff’s picks of the year, with Uncharted 2 coming top of the crop. Before we go, I should mention Rane Pollock, who didn’t have enough time to write an epic paragraph. He says he had the most fun with GH Metallica, Halo Wars and Resident Evil 5.

Good sport.

Anyways, from everyone here at Platform Nation, have a Happy, Merry Christmas. We’ll see you in the New Year!

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