TSA Reportedly Bans Widely Popular Forms Of In Flight Entertainment

Since the failed Christmas Day terrorist attempt on a flight to Detroit the TSA has added in many extra security precautions on a case by case basis that is leaving some travelers with an itchy trigger finger.   Many Twitter users and bloggers are reporting that all electronic devices are being banned during flights and even worse bathroom breaks are not allowed at all during the last hour of the flight.  No laptops, PSP’s, or DSi’s will be allowed and all of the newly unwrapped copies of Little Big Planet or Zelda: Spirit Tracks will have to sit unplayed until trekkers arrive on safe ground.

If you had plans to catch up on neglected work or to break in that new Kindle I suggest going the old fashioned route and purchasing a novel or perhaps if you are feeling truly adventurous, a few Mad Libs for you and your neighbor to enjoy.

Via Tech Crunch

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  • I was on a plane just a few hours ago and there were no restrictions – not even mentions of tightened security anywhere in the airport.