Mass Effect 2 ‘Fight for the Lost’ Pair of Trailers

I was browsing YouTube this morning and found a couple of videos on the channel that you all should take a look at. They are trailers showing off the voices of Thane (The Assassin) and Grunt (The Savage) in Mass Effect 2. If the level of detail in the rendering in these videos and the cinematic are what we can expect to see in the non-gameplay cinematics, then this may win 2010 Game of the Year before 2010 even starts.

My goosebumps have goosebumps. Those goosebumps, in turn, also have goosebumps. Enjoy the (unfortunately short) goodness.

SOURCE: x360a YouTube Channel

The Assassin (Thane)

The Savage (Grunt)

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  • Richdad

    Looks good. ME 2 has definelty improved from ME1.