Gears Of War Available On Demand

Just a quick note out to our readers to let you all know that Gears Of War is now available to purchase and download as part of Games On Demand.

The pricing for those in the UK is £19.99 which is expensive compared to a retail copy but for those who prefer digital versions you now have the option to download it.

If you don’t know what this game is about then I’d recommend crawling out from whatever rock you’ve been living under for the past 3 years and read on.

A Nightmare from Below. A Hero from Within. The planet lies in ruin – cities crumbling, Man’s greatest works fallen. Humanity is cornered, nowhere to run. The Locust Horde has risen, and they won’t stop coming. They won’t stop killing. The Coalition is desperate for soldiers. The sick, the wounded, the imprisoned are all that remain.An inmate named Marcus Fenix, once left to die, is now charged with keeping humanity alive. He can take comfort in but one fact: The human race isn’t extinct. Yet.


– “Take cover and return fire!” with the intuitive one – button cover system to blind fire, evade, flank, and ultimately destroy the nightmarish Locust Horde.

– Lead your ragtag squad as Marcus Fenix, or recruit a friend to play squadmate Dominic Santiago and complete the full cinematic campaign cooperatively online or off.

– Dominate online in Human vs. Locust squad based multiplayer.

More information can be found at either the Xbox Gears Of War page or the official Gears of War homepage.

As with most of the games available on Games On Demand, the price puts me off even thinking twice about this as I already own the retail game.  If Microsoft were to copy the Steam model and offer some crazy reductions, then I know I’d rebuy the digital versions of a lot of my favorite games, which includes Gears of War. Are you listening Microsoft?

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