Adventures In Building My First Gaming PC

I have never been a PC gamer. I’ve never had a computer in my house that could handle very many games. Consoles have been 99 percent of my gaming world since I first got my hands on a NES controller. Each generation of gaming since my NES I have been content with just one console. I went from a NES to Genesis to Playstation to PS2. It was this current generation of consoles that I broadened my gaming scope beyond just one box, probably because I have my own money to spend and don’t have to rely on my parents. I currently have a Wii, PS3, 360, DS, and a broken PSP. Now I am turning my eye to PC gaming for the first time.

I have decided to start my PC gaming adventure by just jumping into the deep end and trying to build my own gaming PC. Since I have the good fortune of writing for all of you at Platform Nation, I will document my PC building from beginning to end. I will also ask the Nation to help me if you can. Do you have any advice for a first timer? Any parts you recommend I get, or stay away from? Any mistakes you made that I should avoid? Anything to help me would be vastly appreciated.

Since this is the beginning there is not a whole lot to report. My lovely girlfriend and I are just starting to look for guides and parts. Our budget is 1000 – 1500 dollars. I am not looking to make a super powered machine right out of the gate. I don’t need 60fps with high settings on Crysis. I want it to run games coming out today and make them look as nice as possible for my budget.

Stay tuned to P*N for updates on my building my first gaming PC!

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