Today Only: Castle Crashers For $7 On XBLM

With only two days of daily holiday deals left, it looks like Microsoft decided to make today’s a doozy. Like the headline says, today’s deal is Castle Crashers for a mere 560 points. That’s sevenearth dollars and, more importantly, a substantial savings over the usual 120o points ($15) price tag. If you haven’t experienced the co-op glory, now is the time. Trust us, people like this game. They like it so much that they build costumes of their favorite characters. (via

If you don’t own this already check it out TODAY ONLY for only 560 points! That’s $7 instead of the usual 1200 points ($15), so if you have been waiting for it to go on sale today is your day finally pick this up.  Not a bad price for a game that is still very popular.  Plus think of the savings you get when you use some of that hard earned Holiday money you just scored.

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  • Great deal! Still a great deal at the $15 I originally paided for it.