Dragon Age Expansion Coming in March?

Embargos are a funny thing; nine times out of ten secret stuff actually manages to mostly stay under wraps until an official announcement.  However, every once in a while something manages to slip through in the most unlikely of ways.  In this case, the Czech division of Eurogamer has reported that a catalog update from a retail store has unwittingly unveiled an unannounced expansion pack for Dragon Age Origins.

It’s no surprise, really; Dragon Age was one of the year’s hottest RPGs, so it makes sense that developer BioWare would look to further profit from its popularity. reports (via this garbled Google Translate page) that “The Awakening” expansion will release for the PC on March 19th, and will contain an entirely new playable character, complete with his own origin story and campaign.  Completion of this new campaign is reported to take about 15 hours, and will require ownership of the full Dragon Age Origins game.

The article makes no mention of a console version of the expansion pack; my guess is that it will be a timed exclusive to the PC, but we may have to wait for an official announcement (or another leak) to know for sure.  As for the price, Czechs can expect to spend “two-thirds the price of [the] basic game.”  That should put it firmly in the $30+ category in the U.S., according to

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