Halo: Reach Reportedly Fully Playable

A lot of people listen to the podcasts every month, but given their length, it’s often pretty easy to miss a detail or two.  Luckily, they team at Xbox Evolved was listening attentively this week when host David Ellis let slip a juicy tidbit that he probably shouldn’t have:

Reach is already playable, from beginning to end.

This fits right along with John Davidson’s comments (on the same show) about recently seeing a game that was already playable and would be releasing in the fourth quarter of 2010.

To back this claim up, Xbox Evolved dug deeper and found a statement from Bungie sound designer Wei David Lui that seemed to indicate the game would be all but complete by the end of July.  Supposedly we’ll be hearing a lot more about the latest Halo game in the coming month, but if this timeline is correct then those of us who picked up ODST may be getting those beta invites a little bit sooner than expected.

So readers, how excited are you about Halo: Reach?  In anticipation of its upcoming release, I decided to pick up the first three Halo novels last night.  I figured that it was high time I familiarized myself with the lore of Reach and the Spartan program.

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  • TXPaladin

    I expect this beta to release after April sometime. They auctioned off a package for Childs Play allowing I think around 8 people to come up and play Reach, my guess is they’ll wait until after this special treat for the winning bidder at least. I expect the fill game to launch Fall 2010 and think it will come close with the launch of Natal as well.

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  • Meh x 7