Guild Wars’ Security Issues May Have Been Found

It all started with a handful of players that had reported finding their Guild Wars account’s hacked, their inventory cleaned out, and with no indication of what could have caused the problem. NCsoft and ArenaNet replied to these reports by offered suggestions like security reminders, new measures being taken, and hints that the problem lay in a popular third-party website with an “undisclosed” name. Even after all of these new security safeguards there was still a large number of problems that Aion players have been having regarding security. Now some new facts have begun coming to surface, and they it seems the problem maybe worse than what players, NCsoft and ArenaNet could even imagine.

It seems some players are finding out that it doesn’t take any sort of skill to hack someone’s account….accidentally that is. All it takes is a few log-in attempts and you’ll find yourself with access to someone’s account name, password, and the worst part…their billing information. Players started reporting on the Guild Wars forums that they were finding themselves getting accidentally logged in to the master accounts of other players and it didn’t take long for  NCsoft and ArenaNet to put two and two together. This would explain an how a player or two could easily exploit this to “gank” player’s Guild Wars accounts without ever being detected.

Community Manager Regina Buenaobra posted a response regarding the hacked accounts, Regina stated: “The account hacks are unrelated to the NCsoft master account and the recent events are simply a coincidence. Changes have been made directly to the NCsoft master account page and password change procedure in response to their escalation of the issue.” But this only raises further questions about the future of NCsoft and ArenaNet, and their involvement with Guild Wars.

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