Google To Join In The Video Game Culture, Through YouTube?

With all the news and close watch on what Gaming Dynasty is patenting what, and what these patent will give us in the near of distant future. But one patent from Google has caught a lot of attention lately in the gaming world. With YouTube’s impact on entertainment, it would only be far to say that sites like Google may want to send YouTube down the same path into the world of gaming, and that’s exactly what the patent, titled “Web-Based System for Generation of Interactive Games Based on Digital Videos,” might be hinting towards. There’s been some commotion about some YouTube users have already been stitching separate videos together with clickable pop-up options to create “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style narratives, but it looks like Google may want to take this interactive experiences to another level entirely.

The description on the patent states: “A video may have associated with it one or more annotations, which modify the appearance and/or behavior of a video as it was originally submitted to an online video hosting site. Some examples of annotations are graphical text box annotations, which display text at certain locations and certain times of the video, and pause annotations, which halt playback of the video at a specified time within the video.”

Only time will tell how these plans will be brought to life, but there may be huge opportunities for independent developers to circulate interactive demos or enhance trailers. If the interface is easy enough to handle, such innovations could have quite an impact.

But could this work? Could Google create a service that would include integrating games with your YouTube account? And if so could this be successful?


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