Fallout: New Vegas Is Not A Rumor

We have heard rumors before in the gaming world and a lot of them become a reality but some are still just rumors.  So when I heard that a new adventure for Fallout was in the works not only was I excited but I wanted proof.  So when I seen that Bethblog via Twitter announced the cover of  The Official Xbox Magazine for next month  I was excited and check out the link they provided to get a look at the Next Month page of The Official Xbox Magazine UK edition.

They don’t give any details about Fallout: New Vegas, but they go on record by saying:

We don’t normally plug this sort of thing, because we’re still working on the issue and the content is subject to change – sharp-eyed viewers will note the small print stating that at the bottom. But as some other sites have noticed we thought we’d put a proper image up and save them the trouble of scanning it

So subject could change, but they where gracious enough to provide us with a proper image.   It looks like we will have to wait another month before we can get any details about the next adventure in Fallout.

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  • Fallout New Vegas is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, for what it’s worth. Still want to play it, either way.