Sony Looks To Continue The Success Of The Holiday Sales Season

Shortly after Sony sent us a press release that stated how the PlayStation 3 retail sales exceeded 3.8 million units during the holidays, they announced that they are now planning on expanding their PSN store to other new fronts that you won’t need a PlayStation 3 to take full advantage of.

Getting premium content on your PSP and PS3 is great, but amazingly not everyone has bought into Sony’s ideal home entertainment system and are thusly missing out on the true high-def gaming experience. Sony is now looking to sell content to those poor, misguided souls by expanding the availability of PSN network content to Blu-ray players, laptops, televisions, calculator watches, and novelty televisions.

In Sony’s keynote today, they talked about how you will soon be able to have access to the videos that are in the PSN store, how you will have access to hundreds of movies and watch them on your “other” Sony products using your PSN ID. This service will start off in 6 different countries and you can be sure to bet more will follow. You can expect the ball to start rolling on this some time next month.


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