Mass Effect 2: Miranda Lawson Profile, Vanguard Class Trailers

Mass Effect 2 is set to hit store and virtual shelves on January 26 (NA) and January 29 (EU) of this year. We’ve seen Thane (The Assassin) and Grunt (The Savage) both give their thoughts. It’s time for Miranda Lawson, engineered to be the perfect woman, to give hers. Enjoy.

Lead Gameplay Designed Christina Norman (@truffle on Twitter) gives a walkthrough for the Vanguard class. For all of the awesomeness that playing a Vanguard in Mass Effect was, this time around, Vanguards can wreak some serious havoc on your foes. Vanguard will be the first character that I import into Mass Effect 2. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Source: YouTube (trailers)

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