Digital Cowboys: Episode 138

DC 138

My Generation.

Since the Xbox 360 was launched in 2005 we’ve all come to embrace the many changes that it brought to us, along with those of the PS3 and Wii, launched a year later. But now that we’ve become complacent with the advantages and internet connectivity they delivered, we can barely imagine a world where we can’t see what our friends are playing every time we’re online and never find ourselves unable to walk further than two meters from the television with our controllers.

Tonight, let us explore that world by looking back on just what innovations we’ve been party to that would be impossible to abandon now. To chat with us, we have Dan Illson, a man with close links to Some Other Castle. We finish off with what we’ve been playing over Christmas; many RPG’s.

Note: During the show I call Final Fantasy XII “Ugly”, I realize that this clearly isn’t the case, it’s quite beautiful in fact, but that statement does speak volumes for how inured I am to HD gaming. -Alex.

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