Heavy Rain Release Dates Announced

Quantic Dream’s bid to run gaming into artistic territory finally has a release date. The dates you should book off of work are… well… depends where you live really. You Americans can get your hands on a free DLC bite if you pre-order at one of the participating retailers, while the rest of the world has to pay… except the EU. Europe is getting its hands on a ‘Special Edition’, which costs the same amount as the standard edition, so you’re basically getting the DLC at not extra cost. The Special Edition also include, apart from the DLC bite, a special art sleevecover and the soundtrack to the game. Good stuff.

Anyway, lets see those release dates for this masterpiece in wait.

American release date.

Many people have been asking about when precisely Heavy Rain is going to hit store shelves in North America. Well, I’m here to deliver great news to those of you who are antsy to dive into this highly anticipated PS3 exclusive being developed by Quantic Dream. Fans of Heavy Rain can get their hands on this highly emotional thriller beginning Tuesday, February 23rd at participating retail stores.


European release date

Hi everyone – Alex Pavey here, with some great news about Heavy Rain to start off the new year! The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the US release date has been confirmed today as the 23rd February – and although there are still some final tests and checks to be completed, I wanted to let you all know that you can expect to see Heavy Rain on-shelves across PAL regions during the same week –Wednesday 24th February for mainland Europe, and Friday 26th February in the UK and Ireland.


And there you have it! America will receive Heavy Rain (not the actual weather, obviously) on Tuesday 23rd February, one week after the Japanese release (18th). Europe will be receiving it the next day, on Wednesday 24th February. But the UK and Ireland (including me) will not be able to touch it until Friday 26th February. Bummer.

I, like gamers and arty game snobs around the world, eagerly await the release of this great game. If you’re in the UK, and want to get your hands on the special edition, you can pre-order here.

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  • So looking forward to this game!!!
    Now that I know the date, i’ll probably go and pre-order this.

  • Sweet. Now, I just need to request the day off from work.