Modern Warfare 3

It seems that the future of a valuable franchise is a bit up in the air at the moment, and I’m just hoping the juggler can catch this one. The status of the Modern Warfare series is slightly unknown at this moment, with reasonable doubt being cast on the return of Infinity Ward. According to my colleagues over at ActionTrip, Robert Bowling, the Director of Communications for Infinity Ward, had this to say in October 2009:

“Right now we don’t have a clue what our next game is going to be, and we won’t know what it will be until we finish with Modern Warfare 2, which won’t be for a while – once this game comes out we’re going to take a little break, we’re going to play with the community to see what people like and what they want more of so we can focus on the DLC for this game, and once all that’s wrapped up and done then we’ll start thinking about what’s coming next. Right now, if we want to make another one then we might, but we’ve really no clue what our next game is”

As you can see, he doesn’t exactly sound thrilled to be making a trilogy and indicates they might have other things they want to do. A major problem if they do want to test out new ideas will be that Infinity Ward is owned by Activision, the publishers of MW. This would be such an issue because obviously this series has been making Activision a ton of cash and any reasonable business manager would want to keep the gravy-train flowing.

While I don’t think we will be losing Modern Warfare as a series anytime soon, even talk like this gets me up in arms. The games they have been producing are off the charts, both in terms of sales and quality. I hope that they can be persuaded into making another one and that they aren’t forced, as that would probably cause Infinity Ward to put less effort into it. I would rather see a new developer take the series (which is a possibility) than to have IW do only a mediocre job. But regardless of what happens, I can almost assure you that we will be seeing MW3 at some point in the future.

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  • What happened to Makahrov? Didn’t we get to him? So the logical decision would be to center the game around him again.
    If we did get him, center the game around the Americans, let them be the enemy for once, see how IW handle’s that. That should be the last MODERN Warfare, move onto FUTURE warfare.

    • dylan nazelrod

      modern warfare 2 was great but for number 3 it should continue with soap and price and that guy who has the chopper and finding makahrov

    • joe

      Makrov was not caught. And the Americans where never the “bad guys”. Just Shepard and his goons, who are now dead.

      The third game should focus on Russia war with America along with Soap and Prices search for Makrove. Which I guess once they find him they can prove that the whole war was just a big ploy by makrove and shepard. If you think about it, its basically the story of ‘Sum of All Fears.’ But I agree, enough is enough for the series.

  • Jake

    CoD needs to be put to rest soon. And activision need to concentrate on something new and exciting for a while

    • Activision milking a franchise, they would never!

  • Jeremiah

    I think Modern Warfare 3 will be about the US Army Rangers and Task Force 141 heading to Moscow, Russia to burn it to the ground since I heard it from a marine in the campaign. I also think Nikolai, Captain Price and Soap are going to find Vladimir Makarov, while the Task Force 141 and US Army Rangers find the new Ultranationalist leader, Boris Vorshevsky.

  • Jeremiah

    I also have a feeling it will be released sometime around 2012 since Infinity Ward wants a break.

  • noah

    They should have captain price and soap get makrove and have some new members,the end should be awsome maybe fist fight or something to take down makrove. overall i think itwill be awsome .

  • Zechariah

    I think if shepherd did not died.. I think he has patched on his eye and shepherd will join Makarov’s side
    and kill the TF141 and U.S Army Rangers.. James Ramirez will have an image…. to his face….

  • Zechariah

    And Nikolai say’s look like still is….. they looking for us you know.. I think it was Makarov.. who want to kill them… and Corporal Dunn say’s Are we heading to Moscow?
    and Sgt. Foley said when the time is right…. i think Task Force 141 and
    US Army Rangers will have a Joint operation like the Modern Warfare 1