Invisible Mobs Secretly Setting up the Cataclysm Expansion?

With the new expansion of World of Warcraft being announced, we got to see a small preview of what was in store for Azeroth. With this new trailer we know that Deathwing is going to tear Azeroth up in a big way. Blizzard is making a bold step tearing their game apart with new enemies, quests, and not to mention a complete design of the World with: volcano, floods, climate changers and of course….earthquakes. And lately there’s been some interesting chatter going on around the forums lately about “mysterious” in-game earthquakes happening throughout Azeroth. Players are saying seemingly at random the screen will shake back and forth for a few moments. There are no visible mobs or other occurrences that would cause this. However, these earthquakes are being reported by more and more people.

In a past patch (Patch 3.2.2) there was a description of some invisible mobs called Shakers in the game that will be added to the game. The description mentioned that there are two types of these mobs. The first is just called “Shaker” and another mob added (Patch 3.3.0) called: “Shaker – Small.” Players reported seeing these mobs as targetable entities in Stormwind. They were mobs without any textures, with only their nameplate showing. You were able to damage them, but never kill them. Just like a target dummy, but after a patch the mobs became untargetable and entirely invisible again. It is possible that these mobs are the hidden game mechanic causing the screen to shake. And given that they appear to have been activated with Patch 3.3.0, it does make at least some sense that they could be tied to the beginning of the Cataclysm world event.

There has been no official word from Blizzard on this yet. But tune into on any updates.

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