My First Week With A PS3 – View From A 360 Owner

So I made the jump, after a year of holding it off I finally decided to buy a PS3. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the exclusives. Maybe it was the Blu-ray. Either way, I am now a proud owner of a PS3 Slim 250GB. I still of course have my 360 perched underneath my towering PS3 console. And together with my 1080p HDTV, I have truly entered the age of HD. This was my first PlayStation console that I have ever owned, or even played on. So fingers crossed that it is good.

Of course I decided to get the console bundle with Uncharted 2 in it. Because from what I have seen and heard from the reviews and the game of the year awards, this was the game to play on this console. So unpacking the box I was faced with the mighty console which I placed on top of my 360. I plugged it into my TV using my 360 HDMI wire. And booted it up. Plugged in my controller and it was already connected to the Internet, pretty nifty. I then began my adventure with my new PS3 console. And it goes a little like this.

Dashboard/XMB – After using both the 360 dashboard and the PS3 XMB, I can safely say that I am a fan of the 360 dashboard. Not that the XMB is bad, but with things such going to the settings section and having to scroll and scroll whereas with 360 its much more compact, it just feels like every section of the XMB is detached. With every feature such as Home or an advanced picture viewer requiring a download. Also it seems to have too much scrolling up and down with each menu. While I understand that the 360 has this horizontally, it just seemed smoother on the 360 than the XMB. But I do like the customizable themes and backgrounds much more on the XMB.

Games – Games, games. That’s the reason why people buy these consoles right?. Well the PS3 has plenty of exclusive games and that is one of the main reasons why I bought this console. I will still play all the multiplatform games on my 360 because that still is my primary console and I love to keep adding gamerscore to my 65000 at the moment.  I decided to put in Uncharted 2 and my goodness, what an amazing game. The first thing that I had to adhere to with the PS3 controller is the fact that the front two triggers are used as the main ones and the back two are the secondary ones. This wasn’t too hard to control because I can understand why from the way that the controller is shaped. But it sure is awkward at times. I loved Uncharted 2, and I’m still playing through it as we speak. I have completed Killzone 2, and I can say that I can see why people loved that game, even though I hated the zoom button being on the right stick. I have downloaded PixelJunk Shooter and am loving it. And very soon I will be getting Heavy Rain. But on the games front I love the exclusives, and can’t wait to catch up with the back catalog (MGS4, Ratchet and Clank etc..) in the coming months.

Blu-Ray – Nothing really needs to be said about this apart from DVD < Blu-Ray. Sorry Xbox 360. District 9 looked amazing!

Online – I played Killzone 2 online for a little bit, but in all honestly, out of 32 people about 3 had mics, and they weren’t speaking the same language as me. I don’t plan to buy a mic, and I really don’t plan to play the PS3 online. Fair enough the mics are better quality, but can you honestly say you have been in a match where everybody had mics and was using them? In this case I must say that the 360 online greatly trumps the PS3. By far. It all seems so detached on the PS3.

Achievements/Trophies – Achievements are better. I feel like the score with the achievements is better. I understand the way that the PS3 trophies work with the levels. But just the general whole achievements system is better. Sorry Trophies, but I don’t care if I get you and I certainly won’t go out of my way to get you.

Other – I found out the hard way not to take the disc out during a game, beep beep beep aah!. All is well though, that mistake will never be made again. Oh, and I love the disc tray that sucks in my discs. And Home sucks.

I humbly welcome the PS3 into my console collection and hope that it keeps me entertained for many years to come.

UPDATE – After a plethora of comments I do class some of the above points of view void. But I do believe that my points of view stand. Some of the people in the comments are obviously “fanboys” of the certain consoles and only own that sole console so they can’t really see what it is like from both sides. Yes, the XMB is innovative and a useful way to navigate, but from a neutral point of view, I would still class the 360 dash to be much more user friendly.

I know that you can buy triggers, I know that some people have use for Home. But I spent enough money on the console and I really don’t want to go out of my way to spend anymore.

Many of you have pointed out that online play on Killzone 2 is amazing, and after watching videos of it on youtube, I can see where you are coming from. The clan systems and in some cases the mic systems are used plenty. But in my eyes, it will never match the fun that you can get from loading up a match in any game on 360, knowing that at least 90% of the room will have a mic in any game (seen as though it ships with the console) and ignoring all the 12 year old’s screaming. You can get some genuine matches with strangers without having to arrange any clan aspect. Oh and I realize now that I could of customized the controls. Totally forgot.

I don’t have a problem with trophies, in fact I love trophies, they are just like achievements but shiny. But i just don’t feel that sense of achievement when I receive one, and although the ranking system is a valid system, I prefer seeing my ranks in numbers.

In the end, this article is titled, My First Week, so it is my first week with the console and here I am saying what I think, over time, I will come to loath or love the different features of the PS3, but this article is here describing my first week on it. And this is what I think.

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  • 360 fan boy- Achievement

    • samuel keenan

      Hes not really a fanboy. Ive seen worse. The online could defiantly be better if there were more headsets. The only game where lots of people use headsets is the MAG beta. Also trophies are kinda lame, but then again i don’t care about achievements either.


        Dude play any COD game and you will find matches with more than 10 people with mics. No kidding. Most of the people have mics but do not even use them. Uncharted 2 has alot of people with mics but then again, they might not speak your language.

        I really do not see how a Mic can make a online experience any better like if you are playing a match that is not very important you just don’t give a fuck wether you win or not..and people will not take you seriously if you are trying to play tactica. People never play tactical unless they are in a party, so if you want to play tactical just invite your friends with Mics and have a great time.

        Also Trophies honestly are way better than Achievements. Trophies do not add up the same way as achievements, they level you up but the more you level up it takes more time to level up. I have seen hackers severely hack their achievements. Unlike trophies.

    • I don’t hate the trophies, and keep in mind, this is only after one week with the PS3. I may get into them more as time goes on.

      • darkpowrer

        Yeah, you need to see it in action and learn how the system works a bit better before you judge them. Not to disrespect you or anything, but I think your opinion was premature because you didn’t even hit on any differences Trophies and Achievements have to each other. You seemed to just pick one because of your history with it.

        I like trophies better because of the “level” system, and because I can easily tell what skill a particular trophy may need from me to get it (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), and because of you getting something special for grabbing ALL the trophies (the Plat), which gives people a LOT of bragging rights. If we ever get the Home trophy room (they’ve seemly been working on it for some time yet not even a peep about it), they will be worth more. Plus, speaking of Home, some trophies unlock Home gear.

        As for the PSN, I do think it all goes into what you’re used to using. For me, PSN is better because the people on there are more friendly (I’ve heard the horror stories with the immaturity of many XBL users), the games on the Store are nice, and many of the features that XBL charges you for the PSN gives you for free (and will stay free, Sean. Don’t know how many more times we have to tell you that. USE THE GOOGLE!).

        Just had to debate you about the trophy thing.

  • Dan

    yea ae what a load of bullshit. PS3 trumps 360 in every way. The XMB is way better than the new xbox dash. The new xbox dash is just a copy of the XMB lol

  • Tanmancanscanlikeapan

    I think for the most part the man speaks the truth, although I was a bit confused by the XMB comment! Even as a 360 owner myself I would say the XMB as an OVERALL experience was better, but certain aspects of the NXE I think are better.

    I must say though everything else this fine gentleman has said, in my opinion, is true.

    A good article my friend! Well written and good to read!

  • umm, first off, MS doesn’t ship with HDMI cables either now.

    I do have a mic for the PS3, while it sucks that there are still several people that don’t have them, the audio quality is better on the PS3 mics as compared to XBL, both still suck compared to skype or a regular phone though.

    Good read though Adam.

    You should have played UC1 before UC2 though, it’s pretty short, adds to the store, and just tons of fun.

    Make sure you check out some of the exclusive PSN games too, there are some super gems in there!

  • chris

    You don’t have to login a separate time for the Store. You just weren’t logged into PSN yet.

    • Thanks.

    • Dtoxz

      Ok I’ll start by saying I AM a PS3 fanboy….so lets clear that up. I love the PS3. I think it’s waaay better than the 360 with the exception of online. I could see where he is coming from. You guys need to stop bashing this guy for his opinion. It’s not like he attacked the PS3. That gives a bad name to us PS3 Fanboys!
      As far as the 360 goes, it might have been out before ps3 but you must remember that the NXE was out after we got ps3 plus the PSP has been around for quite some time. So saying the the Xbox dashboard copies the XMB is somewhat legitimate depending on your view of things. IMHO the ps3 is better than the 360 EXCEPT for LIVE. I think the $50 a year is worth the stability of the network.
      As far as the comment made about us “enjoying free online while we can” dude, that was a dumb fucking statement. It will always be free according to SONY. We now have an option UNLIKE xbox that gives us more features. But online play is still and always will be free. Stop trolling.

  • alex c

    hate to say it picrosoft fans, but ps3 eye whoops your webcam, and will do even when natal comes out,

    new dash board is a copy of xbm scroling. the ps2 had xbm,…

    and also, sonys games are 1080p, not 1080i, liek on 360, everyone know the difference between native 1080p the best, and 720 or 1080i upscaled to 1080p., compression……wak

    sorry if your still likeing 360s, you obv cant read/want to believe the hype, ps3 is better, in most/everyway,depending on how you look at it.

    • 1. I agree

      2. Two totally different things, nothing is copying nothing.

    • r2092

      with the tv’s HD tv that are being sold the is no difference between 1080i and 1080p. the i stands for interlaced which means it shows every other line than goes back in shows the others.p stands for progressive which means it shows every line in order.with the refresh rate on the tv’s it does not matter

  • Redlogic

    I agree mostly with what was said. I was a xbox360 owner first and the transition can be a awkward one. Live still kills PS3 online, but I still the problem would be solved had Sony realized how important online gaming was and SHIPPED A MIC WITH EACH CONSOLE!! otherwise, enjoy the ps3 my friend. Some other games to try, Heavenly Sword, Demon Souls, LBP, MLB The show (if you like sports games)SKIP HAZE!

  • karooo

    nice flamebait for hits, thanks for posting on n4g.

  • Steve

    Am I the only online gamer that hates people talking in games? When playing MW2, I mute everyone. I have no interest in listening to 13 year olds talk smack.

    • console_gamer

      Yes if a person is not on my friends list they are muted immediately

  • seanpdouglas

    So, um, how exactly does the Xbox Dash copy XMB precisely. I believe Xbox came out prior. Anything that XMB has can positively trace it’s roots back to Dashboard, even the original. The Dash is by far more organized. And whoever the hell thinks Xbox doesn’t get 1080p on it’s games, you can think again, it surely does. Many of my games are 1080p. Also whomever tried to argue about HDMI, your console doesn’t ship with them either. Matter of fact, PS3 ships with shitty analog input to boot. You can’t argue that 360 online is most definitely an better experience. I don’t plan to spend most of my time playing alone, which is what all spare Killzone are exclusive wise. And yes, you have Blu Ray, but that’s about all in my opinion. And if I really wanted Blu Gay, I’d go buy a 100 player from my local Wal-Mart, because it’s not worth it to put down the other 200 for a consol I will sparsely use.
    Online is what gaming is about these days. And you are most certainly trumped on this PS3 owners, because servers are privatized with the PS3 currently and no developers want to put in their time to make exclusives better and pay the coders when they also have to pay to keep these servers up for their game. And your argument of, “Oh, but it’s free for us.” Is soon to be invalid. So enjoy the free online while it lasts.

  • Achemki

    What a noob! Dude, you don’t have to zoom with the right analog stick on KZ2. Spend more than 5 seconds with the menu & customize your controls. Try Alt 2 *rollseyes*

    Achievements are the same as trophies, less actually since PSN offers platinums and XBL has no such equivalent bonus for 1000/1000. You’re just butthurt that your 65000 gamerscore suddenly means nothing. Actually, it never did mean anything.

    You said Home sucks but you rag on the community? Try talking to someone first. Try entering a North American dedicated server on KZ2 rather than a foreign one. Oh ya, you couldn’t even customize your controls so i guess seeing dedicated servers for the 1st time must’ve threw you off even more, lol.

    Nice raggin’ on the XMB. Didn’t mention XMB has no 3rd party ads for garbage like subway restaurant as seen on XBL.

    nuff said

    • seanpdouglas

      Wanna be more cocky. Sorry that you’re butthurt that no one wants to switch to PS3 because Xbox is more enjoyable overall. Like I’ve stated the only things you have over us are Blu Ray, and the fact that your network is *currently* free.

      • shazui

        Noone wants to switch to PS3? really? So why has the ps3 outsold the 360 since it’s launch then. Erm, xbox is more enjoyable overall? PS3 has better games, better online due to home, free online and dedicated servers that dont lag like most xbox game’s. Blu ray is superior too yes, as is the 7.1 surround sound and every media tool – netflix, picture album software, music playback with visualisations, a wide variety of video file playback support. All of these are either superior to the 360’s equivalent or the 360 doesnt even have. Sorry but a MUCH more reliable console that is now the same price is definitely much more enjoyable Than one that isnt and has less features.

        • seanpdouglas

          PS3 hasn’t outsold the Xbox for shit until recently. But nice facts.

          • SUCKMADICK

            Butt hurt?

          • shazui

            No, the ps3 has always outosld the 360. See year on year sales. The head start is the only reason why there are 4.5 million more 360s than ps3s. To begin with that lead was more than 8.5 million. Can you work it out “for shit”?

            and yeah thanks, these comments needed some facts.

    • Ok, i realise now that I can customise the controls. Totally forgot.

      • Achemki

        No prob’ Adam (re. the controls). You’ll figure it all out eventually. Your replies seem to show a genuine interest, so i hope it all works out for ya!


      This man speaks truth.. The author shows only one part of the story.

  • seanpdouglas

    @ Alex C.
    “sorry if your still likeing 360s, you obv cant read/want to believe the hype, ps3 is better, in most/everyway,depending on how you look at it.”

    That statement contradicts itself so much. So I can have my own opinion, but you’re correct, but only in the way you look at it. Is that what you are saying?

    • seanpdouglas

      Also, inb4 learn to spell. And type out obviously. And to learn how comparisons using a backslash work.

  • neoMAXMLC

    @ seanpdouglas

    Sorry… but you’re a moron. The XMB has been around since the PSX days. Didn’t even need to read the rest of your comment to come to my conclusion. 🙂

    • neoMAXMLC

      Oh, and you keep going on with your bullsh*t about the PSN being “currently” free. If you kept up with the news, you’d now that Kaz Hirai already confirmed that everything that is offered now, will still be free even after the premium is released.

      • neoMAXMLC

        Damn it. Why the hell isn’t there an edit button?

  • Achemki


    Servers are all privatized? Free soon to be invalid? All exclusives spare Killzone are games you play by yourself? Umm, Resistance, Warhawk, Socom, WipEout, Fat Princess, Demon’s Souls, LittleBigPlanet, MAG, Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 all say”FU”.

    Are all 360 owners this retarded?

    • seanpdouglas

      Not retarded, and I’ll give you MGS4. But Warhawk gets old and tiring, who gives a shit about Wipeout. Socom sucks shit. MAG and Demon’s Souls I could give two shits about. Not retarded. But I know from experience online on the PS3 blows cock.

      • Achemki

        Wife plays COD:MW2 every day. There’s…no…difference!

        Same in-game lobby/party/p2p server system, even the same patches for glitching & playlists. You can join friends’ games right from the XMB, it shows you what they’re playing. Same COD experience. Sorry.

  • Barack O.

    I think you held back on the gripes so you would not look like a 360 fanboy. I purchased my PS3 well after my 360 as well, and the PS3 user experience is far inferior to the 360. For one, it took twice as long for me to get my PS3 setup once out of the box as it did my 360. Just the amount of time the updates take was enough to make me almost return the thing. In fact everything is slower on the PS3.

    Not only is Home crap, but the entire user experience is crap on the PS3, Sony put little to no thought into the console design.

    Why are the controller cables so short, I cant charge them with the console off, my first PS3 died and I could not get my game out of it, big hassle there, lost my game saves as well, it collects dust like crazy, and the UI does little to nothing to show off the beauty my 50 inch TV is capable of.

    PS3 has tons of user issues compared to 360, one could go on all day, Im just surprised you pointed out so few.

    • neoMAXMLC

      Controller cables? You mean the non-proprietary USB cables? The kind that come in many different sizes and all work on the PS3’s controller? Ones that you can plug into a PC and charge that way or ,hell, ANY USB compatible device?

      Your first PS3 died? Oh boo hoo. How many times did you need to send in your 360? Oops.

      The XMB may not be flashy but the games sure are. Something that the 360 still has yet to surpass.

      Oh, you lost all your saves? Not the PS3’s fault you were dumb enough to not back up your data.

      No matter how many flaws the PS3 has, it can never look worse than the embarrassing failure rate of the Xbox 360.

      • Barack O.

        WTF, why would you attack me like that? You don’t even know me, and I was not talking to you, I was talking to the guy who wrote the article. The entire point is, I didn’t need to buy a longer cable to connect my 360 controller, I don’t need to back up my 360 Hard drive, all the problems do not exist on 360 so no action is required on my part, Sony should have thought about these things so I didn’t have to.

        If they had done so, if you own a PS3 you would have benefited as well, so why are you attacking me, why dont you attack Sony?

        Furthur more, the only games I own for my PS3 are Uncharted and Killzone, the rest of the PS3 games are either over rated, or not out yet, so what are all these games PS3 has that 360 doesn’t, I still have nothing to play on my PS3, Uncharted and Killzone have no replay value. Multiplats are all purchased for my 360 since they play and look better on that console, so I have no idea what you’re talking about, you need to rethink your life, because Sony is not a god, so why do you defend and worship them to the point it makes you look so pathetic?

        • SUCKMADICK

          Do I really need to tell you how many exclusives the PS3 has? Or you can get your lazy ass to go look them up on youtube.

          Because as a PS3 PC 360 Gamer. I have to say the only games i have for my Xbox 360 are gears of war 1 and 2. What other exclusives for that console I can get? None.

        • cell989

          @Barack O

          You sure as hell dont have to buy a charge cable for your 360, but you got to make sure you do buy batteries. lol

    • neoMAXMLC

      lol I attacked you? I was just being blunt. Do you want to see me “attacking” you?

  • dirtycambo

    most part speaking the truth. but people do have their mics… and if they dont have their mics, they are most likely little kids. which is a good thing. people usually have their mics on late at night, i never turn mine on cuz its charging and ill put it on when my friends come on at night. most people that have their mics on, are cool chill people ne ways. maybe ill run into that annoying person every once in awhile. but thats what the mute option is for.

  • Jon

    Look at all the PS3 fanboys, they are so negative. I wonder why? Because the Xbox is actually a good competitor to the PS3 even without Bluray. Hahaha…I owned both systems as well and they both have strengths and weakness. Xbox Live is a few years ahead of PSN. Accept it or be a sore loser.

    • neoMAXMLC

      Live is the only thing the 360 is good for. Everything else about it sucks. Horrible hardware, horrible exclusive line up lately, horrible community, f*ck ton of ads EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR A GOLD SUBSCRIPTION.

  • Wolverick

    Agree with about 75% of what you have written here.

    XMB vs Dashboard really doesn’t make any difference to me, both get the job done effectively.

    Games – Dead on, Uncharted and KZ are quite special.

    Online – After playing MW2 and Uncharted2 online i think you’ll find the online is on par w/ XBL. The party invite system works like a champ and more people have mics than i think you experienced on KZ2.

    Trophies/Achievements – Both are really same but I like the RPG like level-up system on PS3 a little better. I’m actually surprised with a 65K gamerscore that you still care about em though. When I hit about 15K they just seemed less meaningful. But I still get what I can of course.. 🙂 However I love seeing my trophy level go up still. Maybe b/c it’s newer?

    Blu-ray – Definitely > DVD

    Good article, just ignore all the fanboys in the comments and you’ll be ok.. Enjoy your ps3.

  • kapy

    I went through the same process (xbox 360 first and buying a ps3 afterward) and had almost exactly the same experience as the author.

    One thing I disagree on is the headset. I’m almost happy not too many people have one on ps3. Anyway, most players become retards with a mic in front of their mouth (whatever the console). I can live without people yelling in my ears or calling others fags or whatever comes to their mind… Since so few people have them on ps3, I don’t feel bad not using mine… 😉

    Oh, and talking about headset… A friend of mine just bought a ps3. He wanted to buy a console so we could play together but was very picky when it came to money. It’s clear you get more for your money with the ps3 but the problem is he’s playing Assassin’s Creed these days. If he’d bought a 360, we could say hi and chat a little while playing our respective games. On ps3, we have to quit our games to say a few words… This is really lame…

    • neoMAXMLC

      ” On ps3, we have to quit our games to say a few words… This is really lame…”

      Uh.. no you don’t… Don’t tell me you’re too lazy to type a simple message from the in game menu.

  • I also have a Xbox 360 and I’m considering a PS3 but don’t think the PS3 will ever replace the X360 as the main console. As you said, the online is way better and so are achievements. It’s hard to turn away from the gamerscore…
    I also think that, despite the good exclusives the PS3 has, they are few and worst(imo) than those of the X360. I prefer Mass Effect, Gears and Halo to Killzone and Uncharted but that’s just me.
    The blu-ray and built in wi-fi are really good features, especially when you consider the huge price Microsoft charges for wi-fi adaptors…

    • Redlogic

      Just a quick question…. how do you prefer Gears, Halo and Mass Effect (all good games btw) to a couple games you don’t own? You don’t own a ps3 so I assume you haven’t gotten in depth time with the exclusives?

  • console_gamer

    To all fanboys

    Real gamers shouldn’t complain about any system. We should be complaining about things effect us like paying for dlc that made before the game was finished, short friends lists, and and of course $60 for a game is still ridiculous

    Grow up and be better gamers

  • Achemki

    @Barack O

    And the 360 has no issues, eh? RROD & E74 say hi. Can’t play online on the 360 without additional batteries for the controller & purchasing a subscription to gold. Avatars suck worse than Home. You can’t do crap with them. UI is better on PS3 imo as you can customize your own icons, themes wallpaper and sounds in full 1080p so how that wouldn’t look good on your 50″ when it looks good on my 52″ is beyond me.

    What about audio? 360 doesn’t even support squat for DTS, Dolby True HD, or PCM 7.1 (those “patches you were whining about that actually make the system better, deal with it). 360 HDMI can’t support 3D either. Author forgot to mention all that too.

    Heck, i’m typing this on my PS3 as we speak! Internet browser & Wifi out of the box. I could go on all day as well. Fine if peeps prefer the 360 over the PS3. Totally cool. But the backhanded compliments and misinformation isn’t necessary.

    • Barack O.

      I agree, RROD was crap, Im on my 3rd 360, but my latest is a Jasper so it runs much cooler.
      Plus MS replaced my 360s for free, when my PS3 broke I hadda pay over 150 bux to get it fixed. Plus deal with a load of crap to get my disk back, and I lost my HDD content.

      7.1 sound, DTS 3D and all that stuff are things no one cares about, the things PS3 is missing are obvious things that ruin the experience yet Sony still refuses to fix.

      • Achemki

        True there’s obvious things Sony could do before patching throwaway things like the picture gallery and Facebook trophy feeds, but the audio compatibility is great! If you don’t have a killer 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre, please get one asap, it makes SUCH a difference! 360, PS3, whatever. It’s like going from SD to HD but for your ears. 😉

        • Barack O.

          I have 5.1, 7.1 is overkill. No one cares about it.

          • Achemki

            No, YOU don’t care about it. There’s a difference. Might as well say no one cares about HD period since the Wii has outsold both the PS3 & 360 combined.

  • John

    I own both systems and can honestly say i like my ps3 way more then the 360. People keep saying that the playstation network is only going to be free for awile are sadly mistaken. they are introducing a premium service that will cost money but everything that is currently online will stay free. i believe the playstation exclusives destroy the xbox ones do to the fact that the are running on a more powerful system, so they dont have to limit the game, where as most publishers are developing on 360 so when they code over to ps3, we get the same game that could have been so much more on ps3. Bottomline is that you can pay a little extra for a ps3 and get amazing exclusives, free online, trophys that are achievements that acually fell complete after getting everyone. The PS Store is tighter than the marketplace because it seems to be more organized altho the marketplace offers more (generally stupid stuff) then ps store.

    Currently achieved a platinum for Modern Warfare 2

    Nuff said Q ueers

    Anzil=PSN & Live

  • Pietro

    Whats not to like about trophies? Its a more logical approach than a gamerscore because have 65000 means nothing. You could have played 65 games and completed them all or played 100 games and not completed 1. With Platinum’s you know how Pro someone is.

    Also Killzone controlls can be changed to make L1 the aim if you want and games like MW2 are where all tghe people with headsets are.

    I too came fro Xbox 360 simply because the games are far superior and online is FREE 🙂

  • JQQQ

    HAHAHAAHA. I love these arguements, and I love the fact that online is the only thing xbox owners have now to argue with because in less time, the ps3 has managed to get everything the 360 has. To the fuckmook who keeps saying enjoy free online while it last, Kaz Hirai already stated that the current psn will always remain free. But now we will have the option to CHOOSE our premium services, something that will never happen for xbots. Heres how it goes.
    Games: Far superior to any other console with a lot of different genres to choose from.
    Video Playback: Way more options than the 360 plus netflix plus my favorite way and only way I like to watch movies now, BLU RAY which is breaking records all the time when everyone said it would fail. Online: FREE ALWAYS plus HOME(which is packed with people everyday all day, never been done on a console before, getting more games like salt shooter in SodiumOne, and expanding like never before with 50 plus spaces to explore and 100 plus mini games to play with friends FOR FREE). PS Store also lets you buy or rent movies has the biggest selection of tv and movies in SD and HD than any other console, plus netflix(which I dont know why so many xbots praised it when ps3 didnt have it, now that I have it im not very impressed, the selection for instant watch is terrible. Ok, some stuff is good, some).
    Browser: Awesome tool to have on a console. Facebook, twitter, myspace, online banking, youtube, and the whole internet has been on ps3 since day 1. Plus I can watch all the free porn I want with tube sites that I wont mention. And I can download and stream FREE music from straight to my ps3 hard drive. There are many other sites that let you do the same. Plus you have all the options that come with a normal internet browser like bookmarks, home, back, forward, history and all that good stuff.

    This is just a few things you can do with the ps3. My friend always brings his xbox 360 over and im never impressed or even like ooh I wish my ps3 can do that, its more like him saying dude i cant do that on my xbox, or dude is this game on xbox too? Sorry man but no. Your white brick can play dead though!!! I mean my ps3 cant even do that man. Then he reassures himself he made the right choice buying an xbox but cries the whole way home.

    • cell989

      lol well said