New Video Game Themed Bars Setting The Bar For 2010

Video game themed bars are popping up in places all over the world and in this article I’m going to take you on a mini tour of some of the hottest places to be in 2010.

Ludia’s Bar: Opening January 28th 2010 Roponggi, Tokyo

From the start, Square Enix has had the ability to create a game where everyone wishes they could climb into their TV’s and sip some of the local brew while hanging out with the other-worldly characters.  This is a fact that Square Enix is well aware of.  We have already seen Final Fantasy themed energy drinks but this time they are upping the ante. Ludia’s Bar, a popular hangout spot from the game Dragon Quest IX, will be making its real world debut at the end of this month and Japan will be on the receiving end of yet another amazingly awesome thing for American gamers to be jealous of.

The Mana Bar: Opening February 2010 Brisbane, Australia

Although Australia has been dominant in the news lately for their video game hating ways somewhere in Brisbane something magical is brewing.  Besides selling games and drinks from behind the bar The Mana Bar will also have all three major systems available for play as well as Q&A trivia, multiplayer tourneys, and the occasional new game launch with some of the local bigwigs from developers such as THQ Australia.  It is still unsure if Michael Atkinson will be calling for a ban on this as well.

ESPN Zone: 15 ft screen available in Chicago/other zones available nationwide

We have all seen a sports bar or two in our time but ESPN goes big in their Sports arena themed bar.  This year Patrons will have the ability to play Madden NFL Football on a brand new 15 ft projection screen with up to three friends and five different play modes.  Next time you chuck a hail mary into double coverage and get that game winning score you can have a bar full of people to witness your moment in gaming history.  Other athletically inspired  games are also available for play so if sports games are your thing; this is the place to be.

So why do these Bars set the bar for all the others?  Because they acknowledge the fact that the gaming community is a growing one and when we want to drink we want to do it right.  I think that other developers should take a page out of this new book and give the world what they want! (Over priced drinks and cosplay friendly atmosphere optional.)

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  • what about gameworks (more arcade then bar) or dave and busters – I really love this place, even all the arcade units have a button to order more drinks 🙂

    I do see more and more of gaming themed bars, as more and more gamers get older the more demand for these types of bars there will be.

  • Dave and busters is a bar /resturant with video games… not a video game themed bar.

    I doubt you’d be allowed to dress in full costume at D+B.