Welcome To LEGO Universe

1932 was the start of a revolution one that still to this day is building upon itself growing larger year after year. If you were a boy or possibly even a girl you may have found yourself buried in a pile of multi-colored blocks. Fondly named LEGOS these interlocking bricks have at one time or another graced a child’s hands or even in a few instances the mouth. Wait you are saying that a stupid colored brick is considered a toy? One major reason that LEGO has continued to stay popular in homes all over the world is imagination. Buildings, Movie sets, vehicles you name it you could make it with a few bricks and a vast imagination.

Jump to recent years LEGO has become more then just a multi-colored brick that kids are building with. LEGO has jumped into the video game market with such games as Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Rock Band to name a few. Not to mention taking on huge franchises such as Harry Potter and bringing it to life in a Lego world. Not by changing the core product but evolving how the product is used and where creators have been able to keep interest spiked. Way too often something is swept under the rug as a new generation takes control. LEGO has been able to keep both the faithful fan base and the new comers alike happy and excited to see what is to come.

Where do you go with a franchise that has already built upon its success to become even greater. Well like all Lego buildings all you can do is expand out or continue to build up. Being able to tear apart what you have built to recreate something new is part of the overall experience and excitement. Your imagination is your power to change the landscape to create the world in which you want to play.

With that knowledge and understanding of Lego get ready to jump into Lego Universe a fully immersed Lego world that you build, create share and socialize in. Lego Universe is a MMO Massive Multi player Online Game all built around the Lego’s.

You will be able to


Quick building – Simply push a button and your in-game character starts swiftly snapping together a predetermined model. This is the primary type of building found in popular video games like LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman and LEGO Indiana Jones.

Choice building – Choice builds allow you to decide what a quick build will become by choosing from a range of predetermined models.

Custom building – LEGO Universe players can build their own creative and complex designs, virtual LEGO brick by brick! Details to follow in future updates!


Smash­ – Smashable LEGO models will be scattered throughout LEGO Universe! Their special glow says they might release loot like coins and accessories for your minifigure!

Discover hidden treasure – Overcome a certain challenge and you can find coins anywhere in LEGO Universe!

Achieve– Reach your goals to unfold fun new chapters in your LEGO Universe minifigures life. Your achievements and skills could be recognized on a host of leaderboards and with piles of LEGO Universe prizes!

Player vs. environment battle (PVE) – Battle creatures and chaos to forge trails into wild new LEGO Universe worlds!

Player vs. player competitions (PVP) – In LEGO Universe, you can compete against other players in intense games of skill— both alone and in teams!


Players will enjoy a wide range of ways to communicate and connect with other LEGO fans, from free-chatting with your neighborhood buddies to safely forging new friendships with folks from the other side of the world!*


The first creation you’ll build upon entering LEGO Universe will be your own custom LEGO mini figure. You become your mini figure in the game! As you play in LEGO Universe, you’ll be able to further enhance your character’s appearance and abilities as you collect, earn, build and trade for tons of cool accessories!

Players can also customize the very worlds of LEGO Universe with their creativity. You’ll be able to build within LEGO worlds from the past, present and future, and you can create entirely new interactive worlds of your own!

And since fans from all over earth will be enhancing and modifying the worlds of LEGO Universe 24 hours per day, you’ll find something new to inspire you every time you play! The game will truly be an ever-expanding and changing universe, A LEGO Universe without end…

If you are a kid at heart or just looking for something new to play online you may find enjoyment in Lego Universe. Even if you are not interested in the game it may be worth a quick play through just to see what a virtual Lego feels like and how it works in a building. I know my inner child is excited to try out the Lego world and continue to build and construct in new ways.

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