BioShock 2 Plasmids

I finally managed to find the time in my busy schedule of school work and being crippled to bring you some news, and I’m glad as this particular piece is one that excites both my mind, and to a certain extent my manly parts, this I’m sure you can understand when I tell you I have a list of the plasmids that will be appearing in BioShock 2  when it hits the stores next month.

Courtesy of MTV here is the list.

  • Scout (Single-player Only) Scout turns the player into a “ghost”. Whilst using the scout plasmid players are still free to use other attack plasmids but unfortunately, no guns allowed!
  • Hypnotize (Single-player Only) Pretty much the same as ‘Hypnotize big daddy’ from the first game, but it’ll work against ordinary splicers.
  • Aero Dash (Multiplayer Only) Aero Dash will give players a burst of speed, and will also cause ‘serious damage’ if you run into another player whilst using it.
  • Cyclone Trap (Single-player Only) Cyclone trap returns from the first game. It works in the same way, but when you power it up to level 2 you will have the ability to charge a cyclone trap with any other attack plasmid.

  • Electro Bolt (SP & MP) Electro bolt is another of the returning plasmids, and is yet again the first you’ll find in the game and it works in the same way, that is of course until level 2 where you can charge it up and release it ‘causing chain lightning across any enemies nearby.’
  • Incinerate! (SP & MP) Just like the other returning plasmids Incinerate! works in the same way as it did in the first game until Level 2 which allows you to charge it up and release a ‘fire bomb’ attack.
  • Winter Blast (SP & MP) Once again level 1 works just as before but once at level 2 you can not only freeze your enemies but turn them into blocks of ice. This will keep your enemies frozen for longer, and the ice blocks will make for an awesome projectile when used with telekinesis.

Sound awesome? I think so, and this list has given me one more reason to get excited for the big release.

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