Mass Effect 2: Subject ZERO, Soldier Class Trailers, Hudson CES 2010 Interview

Today, BioWare released the trailer for the Soldier class as well as the ‘Fight for the Lost’ interview with Subject ZERO.

The solider class in Mass Effect was the that could use all of the guns that had some cool tools (Adrenaline Rush, Shield Boost, and Immunity) at their disposal. In Mass Effect 2, Soldiers are the ONLY class that can use Assault Rifles. They are also the ONLY class that can utilize ALL of the different ammo classes (Incendiary, Cryo, and Disruptor). They’ve seriously made the Soldier an absolute badass, and I can’t wait to play through it as a Soldier.

Subject ZERO is a bad, bad girl. I would compare her to Sigourney Weaver’s character in Aliens, but ZERO is MUCH hotter. ZERO has this air around her of ‘I know what I want, so I’m taking it and I don’t give a F**K what or who gets in my way because I can kick their ass anyway.’ She makes Ashley look like a scared little schoolgirl because Ashley had some semblance of morals and ethics while ZERO very clearly does NOT.

IGN spoke with Project Director Casey Hudson at CES 2010. Here is that interview:

Mass Effect 2 is scheduled to hit stores in two weeks, people!! Are you ready to save humanity all over again? I sure as hell am.

Screens (UPDATED)

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