New Mass Effect Novel Coming!

The Mass Effect universe continues to grow. Drew Karphyshyn will be penning the third of the Mass Effect novels, called Mass Effect: Retribution, which Del Ray has agreed to publish.

I personally own and have read the first two, and they are absolutely AMAZING. If you understand the universe, then all three novels are easy reads. If you enjoyed the game (soon to be games), then the novels are MUST-OWNS.

Mass Effect: Revelations reveals the backstory of Captain Anderson’s mission with Saren that Anderson hints at in the first game. Mass Effect: Ascension picks up after the first game ends, but doesn’t involve any of the characters from the game, opening another area of the universe. It DOES, however, introduce you to ‘Illusive Man’, whom Martin Sheen voices in the second game, to be released on January 26. You begin to understand Cerberus a bit better, preparing you for the second game.

From the BioWare website:

BioWare and Del Ray are pleased to announce a brand new novel set in the Mass Effect universe Mass Effect: Retribution.

Mass Effect Retribution will again be written by Drew Karpyshyn, the author of both Mass Effect: Revelation and Mass Effect: Ascension. This novel reveals the Illusive Man’s attempts to impant a human with the technology of a Reaper!

You can learn more details about the novel here: Mass Effect: Retribution.

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