Dragon Age Origins – Return to Ostagar is on XBL NOW

When BioWare’s latest piece of DLC for their fantasy RPG Dragon Age Origins was delayed, I was worried that this would begin to resemble Mass Effect’s horrid DLC treatment.

This morning, I was greeted with two tweets from @dragonage (the official Dragon Age Origins Twitter acct) and @biofeed (BioWare’s official Twitter acct) stating that Return to Ostagar was now available for download on Xbox Live. The PC and PSN downloads would be available soon, apparently. This was confirmed within minutes by fellow P*N writer Mark Withers (@markwithers on Twitter), and I am now downloading this addition as I write this post.

Here is my post with screens and the promo trailer for the DLC. I’ll certainly enjoy this addition to the DAO universe as I RETURN TO OSTAGAR!!

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  • This was actually removed due to a bug!
    “This morning a title update on the Xbox 360 for Dragon Age: Origins was made available in preparation for the release of Return to Ostagar … this title update introduced a previously undetected issue that causes specialization classes to not work correctly.”

    Additionally, he apologizes to those affected and notes that the DLC has been removed from Xbox Live “until the issue is resolved.”

    • Anne, thanks for the update. Was kinda miffed when I saw this somewhere else. I’ll update the post with this info.

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