E3 2010 – Months Away And Sony Rumors Are Starting To Surface

It seems like not that long ago E3 2009 was just wrapping up and gamers where excited for the new titles headed their way. With the passing of 2009, many are looking forward to E3 2010. As the days draw closer, little tidbits of information start to come out of the woodwork causing excitement and discussion on upcoming titles.

Early rumors are starting to surface from the Sony camp in the form of three major titles having sequels in the works.  The rumored sequels are not surprising as their predecessors were largely heavy hitters in PlayStation 3’s line-up.  The PlayStation magazine hints that Infamous 2, Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 will be announced at this years E3 and in stores sometime in 2011. Infamous 2 was a pretty big given as the ending of the game hinted as such. Killzone had the second in the series come out in February  2009 while Resistance had a PS3 sequel drop in November 2008 and a PSP release in March 2009.  Hopefully these rumors are proven true in the coming months leading up to E3 as I am really excited for an Infamous sequel.

Source: 1UP and the latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

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