Gran Turismo 5 Delayed

Yet again Sony has pushed back the release of its widely anticipated Gran Turismo 5 game. Citing “production-related matters” the much anticipated racing title from Polyphony Digital will no longer be shipping this coming March in Japan. No new dates have yet been announced so the game is at a stand still for now. Sadly this means that the US won’t see the title anytime soon either. Hopefully Sony and Polyphony Digital get their acts together and get this title out soon.

Check out the article here: Gran Turismo 5

Keep your fingers crossed that gamers will see this anticipated title sometime before next Christmas. Now the waiting game begins again it is like restarting the clock every time they push back the date. So to hold you over continue playing Prologue feeling cheated that you don’t yet have the full product in your hands.

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  • sigh…yawn. Wake me for the next year’s announcement that GT is delayed again.