Percy Jackson Overtakes The Nintendo DS In February 2010

Have you read the books? Percy Jackson and the Olympians continues to gain more popularity as Rick Riordan’s books keep coming. It caught my attention as I was walking past a bookstore and the poster was in the window, just this past year. Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention to the books in the beginning, but it seems like they just shot up right into becoming a movie, and now, a game!

The game is set to be released, only for Nintendo DS, on February 9th, 2010 (USA, UK gets their release on the 12th), only 3 days before the movie hits the big screen. Now the question is, what to do first?

If you’re like me, and have just recently heard the name Percy Jackson, or haven’t at all, let me tell you a bit about him. In Rick Riordan’s fantasy novels, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Percy is your normal twelve year old boy set in the normal modern day America, until he finds out one small detail… he is the son of a Greek god. Not only that, but he’s the son of Poseidon one of the “Big Three” (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades), and therefore is attacked frequently by monsters. He is sent to Camp Half-Blood where he meets many other young demigods, some which will help him throughout the books. His first problem though is quite a difficult one. His mother is being held hostage in the Underworld, the only way to save her and stop the war between the gods is to return Zeus’ master lightning bolt to him (which he accuses Percy of stealing).

Are you willing to go up against mythological creatures to get the lightning bolt back?  According to, in this game for Nintendo DS, you will be in command of Percy Jackson and his allies as you battle for survival in a world ruled by the Greek gods. Find the hidden secrets of Camp Half-Blood, the Underworld and even Olympus! Put your perfect team together and head out to match wits and strength against opponents like Medusa, the Hydra, and the Minotaur!

Seems to me like this is a great book series, especially for young teens, it’s going to be a fantastic movie, and an amazing game!

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