Tekken 6 Update Brings Online Co-Op To Scenario Campaign

Tekken 6 is a great game, There is nothing like sitting down with a friend and beating the hell out of each other at free will, especially when the option to do it in the form of a kangaroo or a tree man is available. But in my opinion the scenario campaign mode was a let down, walking around some sort of beat-em-up type game with an A.I partner could be fun… but it wasn’t in fact it could be said that it was kind of  joyless, and every time I’ve played it I’ve thought to myself  “Why can’t I play this online with my friends…after all I do have a partner in the game”

Well Namco listened to me, because the next patch for Tekken 6 will include online co-op in the scenario campaign mode. The patch will also fix Mokujin’s AI and now in online versus mode his fighting style changes with every round.

The update for Tekken 6 will be available on January 18th for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions

Story from:  Destructoid

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