FINAL SAY: How ‘Mass Effect’ Saves Will Import into ‘Mass Effect 2’

Earlier today, I tweeted Jesse ‘GTez’ Houston (@gtez on Twitter), a senior producer at EA BioWare, about how completed games/careers from Mass Effect would be imported into Mass Effect 2. He quickly responded with a link to the following thread post from the Mass Effect Community Forums at BioWare (post found here):

Below is the corrected information for importing saved games from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2.

How does the Mass Effect 1 Import System work?

On PC – First you will use the Mass Effect Configuration Tool to locate your save games, from there it works much like the standard Load menus from within the game, choose your career and import your game. We will have a much more in depth guide relating to setting up the ME1 import feature on PC created closer to the launch of Mass Effect 2.
On Xbox 360 – When you use the Mass Effect 1 Import Utility on Xbox 360, you are prompted with a list of Careers and their accompanying saves attached to your Xbox Profile. You then will select which Save game to use and be brought directly into the start of your Mass Effect 2 experience. This can be repeated a many times as you wish on as many saves as you wish.

I had heard that you only support the first 11 saves is this true?

This is not the case. The easiest way to determine if your save will import into Mass Effect 2 is to open Mass Effect 1, go into the New Game Plus menu. If you see the save you want to be able to import into Mass Effect 2 in that list you are set.

It says the saved games must be on the hard drive and not an MU. If I transfer my saves from my MU to the hard drive, will they work?

Your saves must exist on the original device used to create the saves, the career and your gamer profile.

The above information is correct and has been verified by the Dev team. Please disregard the previous erroneous information released on December 24.

I hope that this clears up any and all confusion that has been floating around the internet regarding this VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2 is scheduled to hit stores on January 26 in North America and January 29 in Europe for Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Mass Effect Community and @GTez on Twitter

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