Have a Heart: Help Haiti

ba-haiti_earthqu_0501049135Normally we don’t make a big deal out world events. We’re about gaming.

But sometimes events occur that are so massive in their impact that we feel obligated to post something.

As you know, Haiti and the Dominican Republic were devastated this week by an earthquake that has all but leveled Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince, as well as all surrounding areas. As the days progress, the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. No one is sure of the estimates, but it’s clear that tens of thousands of people died and continue to die as rescue efforts are made nearly impossible. As the death count rises, bodies are piled on the sides of roads.

Not only is the country looking at a natural disaster of epic proportions, the worst lies ahead as notoriously ineffectual government infrastructure is still so damaged that the dead remain in piles and doing exactly what bodies do in the humidity and sun — threatening the safety of the water and presenting a general health hazard. Families who are lucky enough to find the bodies of their lost loved ones have no place to bury them, as the few cemeteries that are accessible are now overflowing and all land-moving equipment is trying to save any survivors under wreckage.

Please, if you have any small amount to spare, donate it to the following groups that are providing relief to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We will only recommend legitimate organizations. Please be wary of organizations other than those known to you that say they collect for relief, as there are douchbags everywhere and they have no qualms about stealing from you.

  • American Red Cross: To donate $10 to the American Red Cross, text “Haiti” to 90999, and the donation will show up on your phone bill. Or you can donate through the organization’s website.
  • Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontiers): Donate by clicking through this button.Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti
  • Heart to Heart International: Donate through its website.
  • Salvation Army: Texting “Haiti” to 52000 will make a $10 donation via your phone bill. Or you can donate through its website.
  • The United Way: United Way Worldwide is focusing on long-term relief in Haiti rather than short-term emergency aid through its website.
  • Habitat for Humanity: The group’s goal is to provide shelter for displaced Haitians. Donate online.

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