UPDATE: DAO-Return to Ostagar Pulled from XBL

Yesterday morning, ‘Return to Ostagar,’ the delayed piece of DLC for BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins, was available for download on Xbox LIVE. I plopped down my $5, and downloaded it. While I wasn’t planning on playing it right away, I was certainly going to give it it’s due time before Awakening hits on March 16.

Well, yesterday AFTERNOON, BioWare yanked it from LIVE because of a bug. Official statement from BioWare below (courtesy of P*N’s own Anne Kenney, @kanonei on Twitter):

“This morning a title update on the Xbox 360 for Dragon Age: Origins was made available in preparation for the release of Return to Ostagar … this title update introduced a previously undetected issue that causes specialization classes to not work correctly.”Additionally, he apologizes to those affected and notes that the DLC has been removed from Xbox Live “until the issue is resolved.”

I have two schools of thought on the matter.

One: make up your damn mind. Seriously. You’ve tested this thing TWICE. Why haven’t all of the bugs been found and resolved?

Two: I understand that BioWare wants to keep the title as bug-free as possible and doesn’t want new content to interfere with the game in all its glory.

In the end, because I WON’T be playing it right away (have to finish Mass Effect chars for Mass Effect 2), I can wait for BioWare to ‘get it right’. At SOME point, fellow DAO’ers, we WILL be RETURNING TO OSTAGAR!!

Sources: Anne Kenney first saw statement on this Joystiq post which received that information via Eurogamer. I saw this statement on

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  • I first saw the statement on Joystiq. Just want to make sure credit is given to the proper source. 🙂

  • I hope they get all of this sorted out soon! I was looking forward to continuing my game!