Video Games As Viewed From Colombia

Hello Platform Nation, I am finally back from an extensive Christmas break and I must say it is good to be back!  I spent a full two weeks in Colombia over the break and I decided it would be fun to give people a look at how the video game industry works in other countries.

First off, the advertisements there are, how should I put it, a little more revealing than they are here.  They’re not afraid to show off some skin to promote any product.  That being said I actually didn’t see any TV commercials for any systems or games, and the limited advertising I saw for the consoles were in the entertainment sections of the stores which the consoles and games were being sold.

The prices of the consoles are actually more expensive there than they are here.  I noticed 360 consoles at $500  and PS3 consoles at $600.  Also, I didn’t see any Wii consoles for sale at the places I went to.  Chances are they sold them, but all of the displayed consoles were either 360 or PS3, and they were split about 50-50 with neither being displayed more than the other in any store I went to.  This is very different from what we see here in the states with Wii and 360 getting most of the advertising space in stores here, with PS3 only starting to catch up recently.

While I was there, I got to play some Wii and PS3 with my family and the games are all the same.  In fact the games are exactly the same, down to the language.  The gamers there actually have to get around a language barrier just to play, which could contribute partially to the lack of widespread interest in gaming.

All in all, gaming in Colombia is a different experience than gaming here in the states.  Although the language barrier is a bit of a difficulty for them to get around, there are a few games which the language can be manually switched to Spanish.  Hope you guys liked getting to see a little different side to gaming.  It’s hard to imagine sometimes that gaming is not as popular in other parts of the world, but hopefully gaming will spread to other countries even more in the future, and allow us to play with all kinds of people around the world.

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