Best Fitness Game For Your New Years Resolution

Well, it’s halfway through January… Have you kept your resolution? I can tell you honestly, I have not. In the past 15 days, I’ve worked out three times. Yes, you can yell at me, I deserve it!

About 70% of the people I’ve talked to have a resolution of losing weight, being healthier, or just wellness in general. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially if you don’t know where to start, have no set goals, or have no motivation. I’m going to try my best to help you get started.

I’ve spent the past week testing different games and getting information about the most popular fitness games out there now. It is up to you to choose the best strategy for you, get started on your goals and have fun while doing it!

Three things to start off with though,

– I can’t promise the one you choose will work for you, but I can promise an honest opinion on all of them.

– There are more games out there than I have listed. That does not make them any better or any worse, it’s just likely I didn’t get to them. These are also not listed in any order of preference.

– I will be using info from as my own personal preference.

My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS is first on our list. Great game for both male and female users. It’s portable and comes with a free pedometer! Also tracks nutrition and real-life landmark checkpoints.

I have not known anyone personally that has used it. From gathering info it seems that it is a great tool for beginners and a lot of fun. The rumor is though that it does not work with the DSi.

The Biggest Loser is made for both Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. There are over 88 exercises, 50 healthy recipes and is Wii Balance Board compatible (of course, only for the Wii version). Another good quality of this game is the multi-player support. You can train together and have moral support throughout your workout!

I did get some personal information about this from Tracy, a good friend of mine! “This one is my FAVORITE!!! There are sooooo many different things, I have had it for a month and still haven’t done them all. You can set it to schedule a fitness program for you, you can enter other workouts you have done to keep track of your calories burned, you can enter your calorie intake each day. You have a weigh in once a week to try to stay above the yellow line. There is also a section of the menu to get healthy recipes for meals and snacks. I have been doing it for 3 weeks and have lost about a pound a week. I’m sure I’m forgetting about other features, because there really are a lot! But, I’m sure you get the picture!”

EA Sports Active is another game that has been getting fantastic reviews lately. It’s made for the Nintendo Wii and is Wii Balance Board Compatible. It’s fun, inexpensive and has many features! Exercises that target upper body, lower body and cardio are a big plus along with a virtual personal trainer and a co-operative mode so you have moral support! One of Platform Nations other writers, Patrick Talbert, gives many positive opinions and says the cardio itself is worth it. He should be having an article up soon about his experience with it, or you can follow his blog about it:

Another game for the Wii (yes, there is a pattern, sorry about that…), Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout gets you going with one of the best parts of fitness out there, cardio, which helps a lot in weight-loss.

Gold’s Gym is the largest gym in the world, and is known for it’s personal training, so I would expect to see a lot out of this game. It also comes with a one week trial pass to Gold’s Gym.

Tracy says, “One of my two favorites! There is a good variety of routines, and levels. You can really get your heart rate up and break a sweat. Plus, I think it’s a lot of fun!”

One of the most popular games out there for fitness is the Wii Fit, or the new Wii Fit Plus (just a side note, you do not need the Wii Fit to get the Wii Fit Plus, but you do need a Wii Balance Board). There are a massive amount of activities to do in this game and it is man, woman and child friendly.

I have played the game myself and really enjoyed the exercises. The only thing I was not happy about is they really don’t account for muscle mass, bone structure, or the female chest size when they let you know if you are overweight, normal or underweight.  If you know enough it’s not a setback at all, but it does aggravate some people. My coworker Laura loves Wii Fit, “I like Wii Fit the best. It has a great variety with yoga, and balance games being my favs. It has a ton of activities within each category that are just plain fun like head butt a soccer ball. If you can’t find something you like then you don’t really want to exercise! I like that you can take turns playing with someone else and it s fun to compete against each other seeing who will get the highest score! It pushes you to do better and practice more. I even like when my the trainer says ‘haven’t seen you in a while (lazy slacker).’ Also, its fun to see what you Wii fit age is. ( Cause it makes my day when it tells me I’m like a 30 year old , a whole decade younger and still in good shape !)”

Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy is made for both the Wii and PC. This would have to be my favorite so far. I like the camera, not only because it tracks how you move and if you’re doing it right, you can also see yourself and watch your form. One thing with the camera though, it reads correctly on time, but has a delay showing up on the screen. Mirroring the Jenny McCarthy image though keeps you right on track. At first I thought it would be terrible to see myself on TV jumping around, but I really do like it.

It is very personalized, you get to set your current activity level, take a fitness test to see where you currently are, and set up your own calendar with the workouts YOU want to do. I’m a beginner and I think it’s a great game. It contains close to 500 exercises and is controller free, so no extra object to worry about!

Well those are the games that I have found. Feel free to do more homework on them if you would like!

Remember to always stretch before and after an exercise (you’ll be less sore the next day!). Nutrition also plays a big part in weight loss, after stopping my “junk food” addiction, I lost 14 pounds in 2 months.

Another great idea is not to over work yourself. If you’re a beginner and you start with an hour of very strenuous activity every day you’re going to get burnt out very quickly. Small steps are the best. It might not seem like you’re doing much at first, but you will quickly gain momentum, have fun and feel great at the same time.

Need more moral support? Check out You sign up for free, input one or more things you would like to make a daily habit (for instance, mine is work out at least 10 minutes a day) and it will email you daily to ask if you did what you were supposed to the day before. It will do this until you have gone 21 days straight without missing a day. Send invitations to your friends and then they can see your goals, and you can see theirs. Quick note: On the invite it doesn’t show your name so it can look like junk mail. Make sure to add your name to the subject line, and more in the email itself if you like.

You can do it, and thankfully, video games are here to help!

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  • Another good one to add to the list is any Dance Dance Revolution game, it’s great for cardio and always fun to play with other people. My mom of all people lost 15 lbs just from playing DDR and EA Active! Also the resistance bands with EA Active can really help tone some muscle. Great article!

  • MrKLM

    I really wanted to do a fitness game but all are Wii or DS with the exception of the Jenny game on PC. I want to see more on PC & maybe 1 on PS3.

  • There are more for Wii than any other system. I pulled the most popular one’s from either friends or If there were any for another system it was an older game. I wanted to do the newer stuff.
    Your Shape is a pretty good game so far though.

  • the new xbox should really up the ante. hopefully freeing people from remotes will make it easier to actually get a workout. i really don’t like holding those things. i have NGR Shoes on my feet which add 2 lbs for my legs but i can’t hold hand weights because i’m stuck holding those damn remotes!

  • Bud

    Great list, and great tips on exercise approach and technique.

    There’s another pretty good list of Wii Fitness games here that I like to refer to. A lot of the same conclusions for the Wii games, although I’m glad to see there are options for the DS too.

  • amarelo23

    Yourself Fitness! for PC 😉

  • You have only covered one fifth of fitness gaming, for more options see this prezi.

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