Mass Effect 2: Shepard’s Trailer–‘The Leader’, SCI vs FI clip

BioWare has been steadily ramping up their media releases in anticipation of the January 26th release of the dark chapter of their space opus, Mass Effect 2. Earlier this week, we saw Jack (Subject ZERO) in ‘The Psychopath’ as well as the final class trailer for the Soldier.

Today, BioWare released Shepard’s trailer, aptly called ‘The Leader’. Have a look.

‘The Leader’

Also, now has the first part of SyFy’s ‘SCI vs FI’ featuring commentary on Mass Effect 2 from numerous industry personalities such as Casey Hudson (senior producer), Tricia Helfer (voices EDI), Mac Walters (lead writer), Wil Wheaton, and Adam Sessler. I personally enjoyed the commentary on Mass Effect when SCI vs FI profiled it in 2007, and this looks just as great.


YouTube (‘The Leader’ Trailer), (SCI vs FI clip)

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