Launch Day DLC for Mass Effect 2?

I’m not a huge fan of rumors, but given that this involves a certain title that’s releasing in ten days that I’ve been covering so closely that I may as well marry it, I felt it somewhat necessary to bring this to everyone’s attention.

Joystiq is reporting (via DagBldet, a Norwegian newspaper) that there will be downloadable content available for Mass Effect 2 on launch day, just as there was for Dragon Age Origins. Joystiq’s post reads:

Norwegian newspaper DagBladet is reporting DLC will likely be available day one or soon thereafter for Mass Effect 2. DagBladet says the usual items like armor and weapons will be available, but also other things, such as an unlockable planet and even a new ally by the name of Zaeed Messani, the grizzled bounty hunter pictured above. The piece also mentions an in-game store for unlocking DLC called “Cerberus Network,” which sounds a lot like Dragon Age: Origins’ DLC platform.

I’m very excited by this because it appears that BioWare heard the fans loud and clear when we called them out for the stark LACK of DLC for Mass Effect. Unlockable planets, new armor/weapons, and even a new part member? Sign me up!

SOURCE: DagBladet (via Joystiq)

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