Trophy Hacking On The PSN

Some of you might remember the story we wrote here on Platform Nation 2 years ago when we talked about how some hackers out there found a way to cheat, hack and boost their Gamerscore and how Microsoft was taking a stand against them. Well Microsoft took a firm stand against them and deleted all of their Gamerscore, prevented them from earning any of those achievements again, and labeled them as a cheater.

What happened to their Gamerscore?

Well 2 years later, the same thing now seems to be an issue on the PlayStation 3.

We are talking about hacking trophy, one way save games to conveniently manipulated by a large number of unlockable trophies. Fuel, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and SOCOM: Confrontation are some examples of games using a hacked save game trophies to dolls. Take the movie below, up 45 trophies that geunlockt via FUEL in less than 3 minutes. Where other people see themselves in a sweat appear more hacks to automatically trophies to unlock. And Sony? That still leaves nothing is stirring while these hacks have a good long time. The biggest problem is still that it is already easier to customize and save games so if more games can be cracked soon.

via and translated by Google Translator.

As you saw in the video, it can be done. So the question is, what is Sony going to do? Are they going to ban those cheating/hacking their game saves to boost their trophy counts? Or are they going to take the same approach they took with their Modern Warfare 2 hackers/glitchers and do nothing? I guess only time will tell, we will try to contact Sony to see if we can get any official word on this. Until then though, what would you guys like to see done?

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  • Germeh

    Account should be banned IMO. I don’t really care if some random dude has 10k trophies though, not like they win a prize for it. I only care how many famousmortimer has and sadly he passed me by about 80 now lol

  • This is the most dire situation of our generation.

  • Dan

    No, don’t ban them, anyone who hacks to get trophies that don’t actually mean anything obviously REALLY need a self esteem boost, and might kill themselves, like they should, over losing their account. But Sony probably doesn’t want that on their conscience.

  • Marty

    don’t ban them, its only useless trophies, trophies are achievements and only they know that they never achieved anything. So really there is no point in banning. He isn’t really doing anything wrong except for screwing himself over.

  • KryptonianSoldier

    Don’t ban them, Id just leave it alone, I mean the trophies you get from a game doesn’t mean anything, you don’t get any kind of reward or anything, so just leave it be, besides someone out there will just find a way around the ban, they always do.