First Heavy Rain Review and no ‘Heavy Rain 2’

Over the course of the last four years, trickles of information has dripped from the body of Quantic Dreams, the constant hints and teases, it finally all comes down to this. Within a month or so, their masterpiece will be put to the test. The game that isn’t even a game anymore, according to David Cage, will live or die in the next two months. I hope it lives up to the arthouse it promises to be, I hope it begins a revolution, I hope it changes everything. Gaming has been in its little comfort zone for way too long, and without sounding too much like Obama’s presidential campaign, we need change.

There are many factors which will decide if Heavy Rain will live or die, and one of those is its critical reaction. Some magazine insiders already hail it as the biggest marmite game to ever grasp the pixelated industry. You either love it you hate it.

Anyway, the first review from the lovely guys at Official Playstation Magazine UK is finally in. It scored 9/10, great score, I think this little snippet of a scan tells the tale of the full review.

Having subscribed to the magazine, and read the review myself, this certainly looks to live up to some of its promises. Time will tell.

In other news, David Cage confirmed murmurs that Heavy Rain’s narrative cannot support a sequel, but shed new light on information regarding the ‘Chronicles’ DLC. Apparently all of it will be prequel stuff, to explore character back-stories and new characters.

“I don’t want to do a sequel because I’ve said what I had to say about these characters and this story,” he explains. “Honestly, I have nothing else to say.”

Source: Official Playstation Magazine UK

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  • James

    Nice one removing the watermark I put on the image :\

    Always good to see the source of the image quoted.

  • Simon James Edgar

    No Fuss Reviews also gave it the high score of 10/10 with the word “groud-breaking”…