Oh-my-god. Oh-my-god. Oh-my-f’ing-god.

My heart has seriously STOPPED beating.

Must. Get. Help. Now. 9-1-1.

‘Sir, what seems to be the problem?’

‘My heart has stopped. They announced a Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Elite Console w/ a 250-GB HDD.’


The crew over at S4G (Sanctuary4Gamers) has posted news (via Kotaku) that a Mass Effect 2 250-GB Elite console is being announced for the Australian market at a price tag of AUD$599 ($550 USD). From S4G:

Announced today, the Mass Effect Elite Bundle which will come with the new 250GB console, as well as Mass Effect 2, 2 controllers and a headset. There won’t be any custom design on the console.

Read more after the break   So far this has just been announced for Australia, but it’s highly unlikely that Microsoft won’t release it internationally. The console bundle will retail at $550, a costly price tag, but well worth it because of the 250GB HDD alone.

Stay tuned for more information on Mass Effect 2.

And now, from Kotaku:

This is the Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition console bundle, announced today for the Australian market and selling for AUD$599 (USD$550).It includes a black Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD, two wireless controllers, a headset and a copy of Mass Effect 2. No custom paintjob on the console, sadly, but the inclusion of a 250GB HDD is certainly some interesting timing on the part of Microsoft.

So far this has only been announced for Australia, but then, Australian PR is always the first out of bed. If the bundle is announced for other markets as the day rolls on, we’ll update.

I may seriously have to wait for a few months until I have a job and can build the funds, but if this EVER hits the US market, I WILL own one. I will also customize the design of the outer shell with something about Cerberus, just to make it my own.

I’m sure that there will be some more information on this in the coming days (possibly hours?), so stay tuned for more Mass Effect 2 updates up until launch. It’s only eight days away, kiddos!!

SOURCE: Kotaku (via Sanctuary4Gamers) [IMAGE also via Kotaku]

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  • WHOA! That almost makes me wish I’d waited to pick this one up!

    Freakin’ SCHWEET!

    • I wish that they’d hurry and announce this for the US. Not like I’ll be able to afford it to start with, though. Once I get a job and save some $$$, I’ll be getting this. I’ll then be selling the copy of Mass Effect 2 that comes with it.

  • Jeremiah Night

    lol, and I just got an Elite… Ugh, frakin M$, I want this.

  • I still wish I had the Resident Evil 5 one that was all red.

  • Josh B.

    Still say the MW2 one was better.

    • It’s the same package. Neither console has any special art on it. Same console, same controllers, same 250-GB HDD.