Premium Version of PSN May be on the Way

According to an article on PlaystationOnline, a Premium version of the Playstation Network may be coming in the future.  A somewhat confusing layout is provided on the site, as well as a few different scenarios of what could be offered in the Premium version.  The Premium version would be entirely optional and they make it very clear that all current features would remain free to those people who don’t want to upgrade.

Some of the features for the new Premium version could include: Cross Game Chat; access to Betas; extended 3 year console warranty; discounts on the Playstation Store; free access to PSOne Classics, PSP Minis, and PS3/PSP Premium Themes; Cloud Storage Space for Games; and much more.

This is a very good way for Sony to make some money from people who want more, while still satisfying those who just want to play games for free online and don’t need all the extra stuff.  This is what Microsoft should have done a long time ago.  Depending on the cost of the Premium version and what they finally decide to include in it, I very well may decide to upgrade.  What do you guys think?

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  • Bails

    I personally think x game chat should be free, but seeing as i would prolly never use it myself, i don’t care overly much. Would be good to see the company make some money.

    If people are willing to pay money for these features and it helps keep the psn network up and running for the rest of us, bring it on.

  • I really hope sony takes the high road and doesn’t start nickel and diming us for every little thing, I like PSN because it’s free, I use it because it’s free. Don’t ruin it for me.

  • I totally agree Steve, I really hope they’re classy about this and let people still be able to enjoy the free version of PSN. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • I currently pay around £2 (about 3USD ) a month for XBL gold and the frustration I feel when using PSN is a large part of the reason I hardly touch my ps3. if a couple dollars a month removes that frustration then bring it on

  • George Gkover

    ugh here we go again. you people obviously still failed to read the whole article like everyone does on other sites regarding this situation. they said not only in this article but in the interview that they will leave everything before the premium service free, so everything that was never there in the first place will be charged so all this “i will quite ps3 if they make us pay” or anything like it is just stupid. read the whole article before u start b****ing and moaning.