.App Relief The Heart Of The Apple Store

I came across a site today that I want everyone to know about.  The site is called .app Relief and what makes this site so special is that all of the proceeds from the apps listed on the front page will go to the Haitian Earthquake relief fund.  We all buy apps for our iPhone/iPod Touch and we might play them for a little bit and wonder why did we just dump money into them.  Well these apps will leave you with no regret as not only are they cheap but all the money raised will go to a good cause.  So help out if you can some of these apps are only .99 and all the money raised goes to the Red Cross.

App Relief is a coalition of iPhone App developers who want to help raise funds for different relief efforts by giving the proceeds of our app sales for a period of time.

Our first effort is to raise funds for the earthquake relief effort in Haiti which has shattered hundereds of thousands of lives and left an already struggling country on the brink.

We commit to do anything we can to support these efforts and get people back on their feet.

Kudos to all the developers of the apps for doing such a great thing!

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