AzraelPC Guests on The Gamers Garage

Last night, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with some of the guys from The Gamers Garage (Crash, DCD, and Vegas) as well as Ryan from vVv-Gaming for a nice roundtable discussion of all things gaming. We were also joined by Samuel L. Jackson. You MUST listen to understand this. LULZ.

Thanks to Crash for giving me the opportunity to come on and run my mouth about gaming. It’s always a blast.

The Gamers Garage Episode 121 – The Bee Hunter

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  • What!! Huh? the The Gamers Garage are on Platform Nation?!? Is this a joke?

  • opps never mind I read it too fast

    • It’s no big deal. Just wondered if that was a knee-jerk reaction, which it seemed to be.
      By the way, why would having The Gamers Garage on Platform Nation be a bad idea? I know the people over there, and they are pretty cool and knowledgeable.