Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network Detailed

Leaked last week on a Norwegian newspaper was information regarding launch day DLC for Mass Effect 2. It seems that BioWare has decided to release an official statement regarding this DLC. Straight from the mouth of Dr. Ray Muzyka:

“The Cerberus Network augments and extends the rich universe of Mass Effect 2. We’re thrilled to be able to reward loyal BioWare and Mass Effect fans with ongoing, high quality content and provide a direct channel for our players to dive deeper into the intriguing lore of Mass Effect.”

The crew over at TeamXbox has the details on the Cerberus Network:

‘The Cerberus Network’ is activated exclusively by original purchasers of Mass Effect 2 through a single-use unlock code that comes included in retail and digital versions of the game worldwide. ‘The Cerberus Network’ is a conduit for players to receive bonus content as well as daily messages and news on upcoming releases for Mass Effect 2 for no extra charge. For players who do not buy the game new, ‘The Cerberus Network’ can be unlocked through a one-time, in-game purchase of a new activation code*.

Players who access ‘The Cerberus Network’ will receive the first DLC pack on January 26th (launch day in North America) featuring new missions and in-game items. Included in this pack is a mission that introduces Zaeed, a rugged and deadly gun-for-hire who is recruited to join Commander Shepard’s mission to save mankind.

After launch, BioWare will release another DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 that introduces the Hammerhead, a new vehicle in the Mass Effect universe. This agile hover tank features improved handling on rough terrain and maneuvers deftly in combat — a necessity for players traveling across harsh planetary environments throughout the galaxy. In addition to this new vehicle, BioWare will release new missions and unique in-game items, including Cerberus Assault Armor which boost shields, health and heavy weapon ammo and the M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun.

I’m ULTRA-stoked about the new vehicle as well as the new party member, new armor, and new weapons. I can’t wait to shred some geth and Collectors with my new toys!! W00T!!

SOURCE: TeamXbox (link above)

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  • Josh B.

    Looks like there taking the DA:O approach to ME2.

    • I think EA in general will begin taking this type of approach. I personally can’t stand clicking on ‘Downloadable Content’ only to be thrown into the XBLM. It’s the same principle as the Rock Band/DJ Hero stores.