New Crackdown 2 Details

IGN had the chance to interview the producer of Crackdown 2, James Cope, recently. In the interview James reveals information about new vehicles, orbs, and a demo.

crackdown 2

crackdown 2

According to Cope, there will be orbs for each of the skills possessed by your agent. Some will be like the orbs in the original Crackdown, while others will require more skill and accuracy to obtain. Leveling will retain the “skills for kills” mechanic of the first game.

Crackdown 2 will also feature weapon-laden helicopters for maximum carnage. Additionally, there will be other new vehicles that provide great opportunities for co-op play. With four-player co-op confirmed, there is no limit to the damage that could be inflicted on Pacific City.

Lastly we have confirmation that a demo will be hitting Xbox Live before the game releases. Given the impact the first game’s demo had on sales, this is a no-brainer for Microsoft and Ruffian Games. James says, “You can definitely expect a demo to hit Live before the game is out but I can’t say when that will be… yet. The Crackdown demo was fantastic and we want to carry on in that form.”

Personally, Crackdown 2 is my most anticipated game this year, and possibly my most anticipated game since the Xbox 360 launched, with the only exception being Halo 3. The original was a sleeper hit for Microsoft and gets a bad rap for being bundled with the Halo 3 beta. For people that played the original Crackdown it was an awesome experience and one I can’t wait to revisit.

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  • So looking forward to this game. What I saw from the trailer and the addition of 4 player co-op, just makes me, makes me… happy. No other words. There are many games on my list for 2010 to get and this is near the top for sure. Can’t say that it’s #1 but it’s up there.

  • I’m sold!

  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    yeeha! A demo gives me confidence that Ruffian Games may not have screwwed up on the sequel to one of my favourite X360 games and the one that actually convinced me that console co-op works brilliantly