Sony’s Motion Controller May Have New Name

If recent reports are to be believed Sony’s motion controller name may not be as truly outrageous as we were first thinking.  In a recent article seen on  VG247 they let us in on some info from a “concrete” source that wishes to remain anonymous.

In the past our own Rane Pollock reported that EA CEO John Riccitiello referred to their motion controller as the Gem, but now we are hearing that the official title will actually be Arc.

The controller is rumored to be released later this year, possibly as soon as March, along with a physical appearance change.  As of now the controller with eye motion technology looks more like a glowing wizard’s wand than anything.

Sony of course refuses to acknowledge rumor or speculation but we at Platform Nation will keep you updated as we find out more.

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  • I kind of like Arc. Not as much as Bulb, though.

  • I like the name Arc, that just sounds cool and futuristic. I hope they go with that.

  • horsie

    sony needs to forget about their “wand” and invent something….less retarded. Sony….Natal will bury you and nintendo. Get used to it, diversify now or end up like sega.

    heres an idea, invent a holodeck or parish!

  • Sony seems to be full of fail when it comes to marketing sometimes. The “Arc” comes out before Microsoft Natal but we know nothing about Arc and everything about Natal.

    Sony, if you want people to buy it you need to let us know why we want it.

  • Anne, thanks for the trackback by the way!

  • If this is true, then it’s really good that you actually said it. On the other hand, I’m sure other people should be hearing about it.