The E3 Guest List Is Here

As many of you know, The “Gamers Christmas” also known as the E3 Expo is coming: June 15-17 to be exact.

For those of you starting to save up for your plane tickets, hotel rooms, and 3-D glasses, They have finally released the Exhibitor List. These will be the companies who will have a booth, room, or plot of land at the event. Check the list out here

It looks like all the big companies will be in attendance: Does it mean they will ALL have big news to generate a new crop of Kamikaze Fan-boys ? Maybe

At least they will all provide exciting news for Platform Nation to bring to the Masses. I noticed there are even a couple gaming websites with booths this year, who knows, maybe in a few years WE will have a booth out there.

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  • Apex Royce

    Thanks Delano! Keep us up to date! Hope to read more from ya soon..