Trials HD Big Pack DLC Review

A DLC Pack has been released for the extremely popular XBLA Game, Trials HD. To say that this pack only adds a couple more tracks would be a huge understatement. Not only does it adds 35 new tracks, but it also introduces more than 50 new objects and adds some interesting and new gameplay dynamics.

Trials HD has been a huge hit on the XBLA this year, and this pack is definitely something for fans of the game to download. It adds a huge variety of new things that give the new tracks a fresh and difficult experience playing the game. The first huge change that you will notice will be the new skill tracks added. Not only are there some new tracks, but the level of variety on the tracks has been greatly increased. So instead of shooting a bike into the sky, your bike is fastened into a car, and trust me, it’s very hard to control when you don’t have full control over which way your vehicle is tilting.

Not only have the skill games been added, but now gravity has been introduced. Only used on of the main tracks in the game, in which the premise is that you on a space station. The feeling of weightlessness on your bike brings a new gameplay challenge as you have to manipulate the gravity to get the perfect launch on your bike so that you hit the landing. Even though it’s only on one track,  I am very interested to see how some of the amazing track designers would use this.

Gone are the days of driving your bike up ramps on certain levels, as trampolines and fans have been added to launch you high in the air. Bounce or fly your way to the top of certain ledges, back-flip and loop around an amazing new variety of tracks, and challenge yourself to beat your friends scores in nail-biting races with multiple paths.  I really enjoyed this DLC pack and it didn’t take anything from the game, it just added more content and more fun. This is the game that if I have 20 minutes spare, i load up my 360 and go straight to Trials HD.

I do wish that some features had been added, although I highly doubt they ever will, such as been able to see tracks from anyone in the community rather than just your friends, as I’m sure there are some amazing tracks out there that I will never race.

If you own Trials HD, this pack is a must download for anyone as it adds so much to an already amazing game. Fingers crossed for a DLC Pack 2!

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  • PlayingMantis

    I wouldn’t call this a “must download”, the new tracks and skill games are nowhere near the level of brilliance and polish of the built-in levels.

    Most of the tracks feel like decent player made tracks, but the dlc levels also feel like they have floaty physics (and not just on the space station or fan levels).

    I would say wait till this is on sale as a deal of the week for 240pts. IMO the greatest reason to buy the Big Pack is only so you can play custom levels that use the new objects.