All Heavy Rain Boxarts and PS3 Bundle Revealed

In a news blowout today, many things Heavy Rain-esque were announced or found on the interwebs. A bundle was seen on the French Amazon website, Amazon also revealed the Japanese boxart of Heavy Rain and… well… that’s about it. New footage will apparently be showcased nearer the end of the month, although I’ll probably be knee deep into Mass Effect 2 by then.

Anyway, lets dig into some of these showcases. First up is the Japanese boxart, which I think is the best of the three (EU, NA, JP).

It just has that artistic flair and simplicity that you don’t see in the other boxarts. Although maybe the European version puts it across a bit.

The European Boxart

I think it gives the appearance of a mystery and a questioning feeling in your gut. It makes you want to pick the game up, which any game does.

And finally the American boxart… sigh.

I am more than well aware that ‘sex sells’, but really, was it needed? Madison’s wet, dripping breasts didn’t really need to be on the front cover of a game that wants to bring new meaning to the worlds of sexuality in videogames. This is even a design flaw, all the characters of Heavy Rain are supposed to be an ensemble cast, but they put Madison forward as a lead. Silly Sony.

Thank god there will be an alternative.

In other news, the Heavy Rain PS3 bundle was discovered on the French Amazon website. It will include a 250GB console and a copy of Heavy Rain, exclusive to France at the moment, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony pushes it into all territories. It is priced at €350 (USD$500), I shall keep you informed.

That is all for now, and February can’t come soon enough!

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  • Paul

    I pity you Americans with your stupid boxart, I envy you Japanese with your awesome box art.

  • It’s just box art, it doesn’t make the game. Sure it’s the first thing you see when you tear off the plastic wrap but it’s not like you buy the game for the box art.

  • Paul

    Yes but boxart draws people in, the people who don’t read reviews or look at games websites, I’ve gone into a shop before, just looked at the box art of a game that I’d never heard of before and bought it, and it turned out great.

  • its like that in america b/c esrb gets pissed off easyly so they just avoid probs