Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition

Source: Siliconera

2010 is a year filled with AAA+ games being released just about every month but Final Fantasy 13 is arguably my most anticipated one so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this info leak.

It more or less confirms that a collectors edition is on its way but doesn’t really tell us which parts of the world,  apart from Europe will have the chance to sample its delights. So far, Square Enix has not announced a limited edition of Final Fantasy XIII for North America.

Europe is getting a Final Fantasy XIII collector’s edition and Gamestop’s Italian site may have leaked the extra items early.

According to their product page, the collector’s edition includes an artbook, soundtrack, comic book, art cards, a prequel novel, and either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII for €79.98 ($113).

I wouldn’t count on getting the lavish four disc soundtrack, but a translated version of Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero: Promise is fair game. The “art cards” may even come from the hardcover postcard book out now in Japan.

News about the collector’s edition first slipped out of Square Enix Europe’s newsletter. Square Enix USA has not announced or confirmed a Final Fantasy XIII collector’s edition at this time.

Now I just need to find the best price for delivery to the UK and my pre-order will be placed. If the pricing is in line with the Italian Gamestop then the difference between the standard version and this collectors edition will only be around $10.

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